Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday - Change it up!


Fashion Friday - Change it up!

A lady at playgroup last week told me that she only ever sees me in gray and purple anymore. Well, they ARE the HOT colors of the season, purple is my color (according to my daddy), and I am loving both my gray and plum leggings right now. Nonetheless, I am mixing it up.
Boots, how I love you.
I could just stare at you all day.You make me a happy girl.
Yay, me! No grey or purple in this outfit!
Jeans - Levi's
T-shirt - Forever 21
Khaki Sweater - Target
Brown and gold Bangle - Thrifted
Boots - Macy's. Want the story? Mmkay, if you insist.
I searched all over last weekend with my parents for new brown boots with no luck. I was again at the mall on Wednesday and noticed the gigantic crowds and "One Day Sale" signs at Macy's.
(Seriously, people, they ALWAYS have one day sales.)
I went in anyway, and almost instantly spotted these beauties from across the store. I used the stroller as an assault weapon and busted my way through the crowds. When I got over, I realized they were 50% off, so I had to act fast. I dove right into the pile of women on the floor to get my size. Got them I did. Those prim and proper ladies didn't know what hit 'um.
Then there were the lines. Bleh...they went around the whole freakin store! While I was waiting, I saw pretty much everyone had a $10 off coupon, which I DIDN'T have, so I totally should have been able to cut to the front. Oh, well. I'm a happy boot wearin' gal, and I still got a great deal. Did I mention that you can unfold that flap and they are OTK's?? Oh, yeah.
Oh, and I'm wearing those boots tonight when I go with some friends to Carlos Santana's new Mexican Restaurant, Maria Maria. Yummay!
Happy Friday!!

Fashion Friday brought to you by Summer!

Le Musings of Moi


  1. Love those boots! I've been looking for some in that style, but maybe in black. I should check out my Macy's! :)

  2. Molly.. we are separated at birth.. those are my fall boots, too!!!!! I heart Macys!!!

  3. Those boots are definitely killah!! Love 'em

  4. I have the same boots from Macy's! Love them!

  5. Those are way cute! I love those! I nominated you for an award :)

  6. Molly, feel free to send your hand-me-downs this way anytime you get tired of them! I will still be more stylish with your tired-of-ems then my current sad wardrobe! LOL! Love your friday looks!

  7. those boots are awesome! you look fab lady.

  8. fabulous outfit! Love those jeans.

  9. the boots are so cute!!! I've been looking for some myself but since my legs are way to thin for this season:P, none of them fitted my small ankles...bummer:( instead i decided to do this: The Day I Burned Our House .. i know extreme needs calls for extreme actions:P
    Happy Monday!

  10. LOVE the boots and the sweater is super cute too!
    As usual you look great!

  11. The boots are HOTT!! LOVE THEM!!

  12. I heart your boots ... do they come in black??

  13. So wish you could hear me whistle right now!!! Hot mama!!!! =)

    Gray and purple are the loves of my closet right now. So tell that woman what's up.

    Love ya!


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