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{Nothing Here}

I only know a few things today. None of them are exciting, so if you want to leave, please don't, just suck it up and hang out with me its okay.

First, it's cold. Well, relatively cold. I'm so sorry for you sweet peeps that are already fighting the snow and frigid temps, while I gripe about it being 45 here. The good news is, I have had 2 cups of hot chocolate, and I am happily wrapped in my Snuggie. Shocked I would have this? See how it happened here.

We are supposed to get rain tonight. CRAZY! It hasn't rained here in months, so I am kindof excited. I am the proud owner of this beauty, so I always hope for a chance to use it.
Although, I desperately need a tan, and that rain means I'm not getting it. This time of year is so hard as I grieve the loss of my summer glow. Doesn't everything just look better when it's tan?

Next, I'm freakin tired. I took a nap yesterday and today, slept a good bit last night, and still, I literally couldn't move my badonkadonk off the couch today. I had to hire a tiny man to prop one of my eyes open so Cooper didn't leave the house. Maybe it's just motherhood. Maybe the exhaustion from the hubs being gone for 6 days last week is catching up. Maybe I drank too much wine in Napa over the weekend and I am in a 2 day hangover. Humm. Does that happen?

We did get to slip away on a date night over the weekend while the in-laws watched Cooper. We went to see Couple's Retreat. It wasn't as funny as I had hoped for, so I say wait and rent it on DVD. What is the world coming to when you can't count on Vince Vaughn to make you pee your pants from laughing?


  1. I agree. Everything always looks better with a tan. And I'm sure 45 feels cold for living in California. :)

  2. a date night? I'm so jealous! I could so use a date night. I'm a little saddened that Vince didn't deliver though.

    I Love your fashion posts! and your sisters are crazy for not loving your booties! I am planning on buying a pair from payless. Love them!

    You should come to arkansas and you would for sure get a chance to use your umbrella. It's been raining on and off here for about 3 weeks (more on than off!). It's beginning to be a little depressing I have to say! bye!

  3. I'm glad you guys got to get away for a date night! That's very exciting! :)

    I'm with you on the "summer glow" But, I will never be getting another spray tan.. in my life. :) Hello Carrot?!

  4. I wish I could have a summer glow. I am destined to be "white and scary" for the rest of my life vs. "dark and lovely".

    Super sad about the movie though. We were going to try to go see it soon. :(

  5. Oh girl! I'm feeling the same way. I also have an umbrella that i'm in love with =)

    What's up with Vince? I love him in everything and always laugh so hard, I have tears running down my face. Hmm.. do I wanna see that movie? lol.

  6. I agree everything does look better tan. I love that umbrella so cute. It's been raining for weeks here.

  7. Oh I wanted to see Couples Retreat! I LOVE Vince Vaughn. Good to know that it's a renter! :)

  8. ummmm...i think it can happen....the older I get the longer my hangovers last :(
    so sad...i used to be such a trooper.

  9. I miss my summer I just look ghostly white, just in time for halloween I guess. I love the fact that you have a snuggie, my husband was going to get me one of those but I had him get me this instead:
    Nothing like head-to-toe sweatshirt!

  10. 45?? I'd kill for it to be 45 LOL Here in the wonderful state of Colorado, us peeps in the foothills recieved 3-4 inches of snow and now it's just darn cold and foggy :) I miss my Cali weather!

    You may be taking a nap, but naps are so good for me, I know this! LOL

  11. I'm so bummed out that "Couples Retreat" isn't that great!! Man, is it really too much to ask to make a good comedy nowadays???

  12. i was just thinking yesterday that my dog and i need snuggies! i mean, why not!? ;)
    date nights are the best!! sorry to hear the movie wasn't good. i heard from someone else that it was. i'm waiting to rent it.
    i hope you are finally feeling better and well rested after today!

    it snowed here yesterday, most of the day but the ground is too warm for it to stick so most of it melted right away. i'm hoping for warmer weather this weekend. i'm not ready for a full blown winter. 5-6 months of winter is way to much!! :(

  13. I just heard the movie was terrible, too.

  14. I keep hearing that this movie was not great, I was so excited to see it too :(

  15. WEll now i know not to go watch that movie.. and i think we are all having the summer blues too.

    : (

  16. I feel that way after my husband has been gone the week before. Thanks for the movie review. I was wondering if we should go see that one. I will wait for the video. But I AM jealous that you go to go to the movies. We hardly ever go.


  17. everything's better when it's tanned .. yet i don't miss the ginormous hot temperatures and humidity we experience down here .. so for me fall is awesome.. especially since Halloween is so on:) oh btw.. you can check out some hot stuff on my etsy store.. come on my blog and you'll get there:) I know you're a funky mommy.. so go ahead check them out:)
    Take care!

  18. I feel the same way about my winter clothes as you feel about your umbrella. They are the only reason I have to look forward to cold weather, since it has apparently decided to never snow again here!

  19. The snuggie story is so funny because they are my thoughts exactly! You've inspired me to release my inner snuggie love :) I'm doing, I'm buying one today!


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