Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday


Fashion Friday

It's Friday! Do the happy dance! Actually, I lie. Its Thursday night and I am watching Real Housewives of the ATL. That's my 'hood yo! I can't wait for November 5th when the OC girls come back!!
Anyhoodle, here's what I was rockin today. Wait. I lie. Again. I just dressed up for the pics. I think I am wearing this outfit this weekend when I have girls day with my amazing friend, Maggie, while the boys go see the Raiders-Jets game. Seriously, on to the pics.

Blue Tunic: Old Navy. Want the whole story? Well, you're getting it anyway. I had been thinking about getting the hubs to get me a coat for my b-day. Then, I won a $50 off $100 purchase coupon from Old Navy. I went and found a coat that I LOVE for $90, this top, and 2 other things (can't say...they're for Christmas), all for $60. I was so excited!
Black Leggings: Target last year.
Black patent Pumps: Dear by Amanda Bynes. Ha! I have something that has Amanda Bynes name on it. Don't judge. If I like it, I buy it.
Bangles: Pier One for $1.99!
Zebra Headband: Christmas gift from my sis last year.
Random thoughts...
1. After seeing that side view pic, I think I need a chin lift, or tuck. Or whatever they call it. Ugg!
2. Also from the same pic, see all those short hairs? Did anyone else start growing new hairs after you had your baby? Or maybe I am a total freak-of-nature. Hummm.
3. Target's boxed Sangria is actually delicious. I bought red and white, and so far, have just tasted the white. Its goood!

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the always fashionable, Summer.

Le Musings of Moi


  1. cute outfit! I love the blue/black pairing!

  2. cute outfit. I love the headband.

  3. Love the outfit, as always. But the real question is - your Target sells WINE??? Amazing!

  4. Cute outfit!! I must say, you sport it really well!
    Also, yes, baby hairs are my enemy! I have gotten them both times and dread them, they take SO long to grow back.

  5. The tunic is super cute. And ditto on the baby hairs.... Mine came back with a vengeance over the summer and have kind of calmed down since then.

  6. Molly... I just bought the white sangria from Target and I had some last night and I loved it. P.S. You look super cute!!

  7. Adorable outfit! You're so beautiful and you have great style!

  8. Super cute! love the shoes and it shouldn't matter whose name is on them as long as they look good!

  9. I just got so excited when I read that the OC girls are coming back Nov 5th! Yay!

    By the way, you look super cute and I don't see any chin or hair problems!!! ;)

  10. girl, looking gorgeous as always!!!

    Of course, you know I love navy blue with chic.

    And whatever, you have like the most amazing eyes ever. And I promise I'm not trying to hit on you!

  11. That color looks so good on you! I love the outfit!

  12. You are so freakin cute. Now I have to go buy a new outfit for this weekend! Darn it. ;)

    Thanks for saying I'm amazing. haha!! I love when I get a mention on the blog. We need to plan what we're doing this weekend btw!

  13. You're so beautiful, lady!

    -I also feel like I need a chin lift. My profile isn't my friend.(however, I have realized it is what it is... it's not fat, it's just how my face formed. Stupid stupid face. haha)

    - & I always hear new Mom's talking about these 'new hairs'... Well, what the H, I always have these new hairs & this lady has never done any birthin'. I don't get it?!

    Thanks again for posting for me this week! I just love ya girl! I sent you the email to link you to my acct. :)

  14. You are too cute! I love that top, it matches your eyes!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  15. Love your fashion Fridays! Your so stinkin adorable!

  16. you look so darn cute!!!
    and your eyes, how pretty!!

    hope you have a great weekend lovely little lady! :)

  17. Love the leggings! And yes, sprouted new hairs after baby... sadly. To the aesthetician for a wax for me!

  18. Short hairs?!?! My oldest daughter and I have them...we call them new hair. The only thing is, they never seem to grow...either that or they are so quickly replaced by new growth that they never appear to grow out. Not sure. Anyways, love the outfit. Hope you wore it out this weekend!

  19. So cute! You are rockin' those leggings!


  20. Love it all!! You always look fantastic!!

    Ps Rachel Zoe and Jessica Simpson accessories on QVC is a new discovery for me too...we'll go broke together :

  21. No, you're not crazy...I like to refer to them as my baby's just that they are all over my head! My daughter is 1 and they are coming in like CRAZY!


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