Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday


Fashion Friday

I gotta say, I am a bit boring today. I don't always wear saran wrap pants, or fabulous booties. Some days, I am just tired of fancying it up. And honestly, I look like this most of the time.

We are headed with the in-laws up to Napa for some vino tasting. Yummay! It's not exactly fall weather today, but I am throwing in some fallish colors!
I'm wearing:
Forever 21 Pintuck Shirt
Old Navy Skinny Jeans
Dollhouse Brown Plaid Wedges from Ross
Coach Signature Tote. Got it at the outlet's extra 20% off day!
The in-laws brought the earrings back from South Africa and I love them!
Big bead bracelets from I have no idea. Don't you have stuff from there?
Happy Friday!!

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the never boring, Summer. Go see her!


  1. I think you outfit is very cute. I love the sirt and shoes!!

  2. *Shirt (I tend to type a little fast sometimes and leave letters out of my words.)

  3. You look so cute! I love wine tasting. It's one of my favorite things in the world to do! Have fun!

  4. you are too cute!!
    love your shoes :)

  5. See, I love this look just as much as the others. And you know those shoes rock my socks off. =)

    Have fun wine tasting!!!

    Muah mama!

  6. You look adorable as always! So jealous of your vino tasting in vino-land... it's rainy and 50 here. Please give me some of that Cali sun!!

  7. Boring?! Girl, you don't know boring until you see me today. lol! I'm just sloppy. Hoodie and Uggs. lol!

    You look ADORABLE! I love the shoes!

  8. I am in love with those shoes. I want them. :) You look gorgeous though! Taste some wine for me!

  9. I LOVE those wedges! You are too cute!!

  10. I LOVE the shoes! You have the best taste in footwear, I swear. I can't wait for our little one to get here, I am seriously missing my caffeine & wine!

    Good thing he's worth it :) Hope you had fun!

  11. hope you had fun in wine country! wish i could've joined you. i LOVE me some napa time.

    and that casual look is classic. you can't go wrong :)

  12. You are gorgeous! Your not-so-fancy outfit is more like my fancy outfit. Those shoes are killer. :)

  13. Love the big beads. I've been wearing a gold set of beads from Anthropolgie this fall and loving it.

  14. love those shoes!!
    you look usual :)

  15. Love those shoes! And of course, love your purse. :)

  16. Those wedges are so fabulous. You look adorable!

  17. Oh my gosh you are so pretty!!! Love your cloths!!


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