Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday - Its kindof fallish.


Fashion Friday - Its kindof fallish.

It finally got "chilly" here this week. We are in the mid 40's at night, and mid 60's during the day. I literally wear 3 outfits a day because it goes from cold, to warmish, and then back to cold. At least I don't have to feel bad about busting out a scarf. Wanna see? Mmmhum. Thought so!

Layerin' it up!
I made this little flower bracelet this week.
Gangsta!! (yeah, in my dreams!)

My good side, baaahaa!

Shirt: Gray Turtleneck Sweater - Target
Jacket: Black Swing Jacket - Kohl's. It has stitching detail around the neck that I somehow missed getting a good pic of.
Jeans: Joes Wide Leg Trouser in Preston - Ebay
Scarf: F21
Earrings: F21!
Bracelet: Made it this week out of ribbon and a silk flower.
Shoes: Black and Silver Loafer Flats - Target
That's it for Fashion Friday!
I do have some randoms to kick off your weekend.
After watching The Office tonight, my husband wants to be Justin Timberlake as a d*!k in the box for Halloween. Yeah, to take Coop and his little friend trick-or-treating. Classy, huh?
I learned tonight that according to Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock, I live in the peoples gaypublic of drugifornia. Niiice.
I LOVE Flashforward. Have you seen it? Go. Now. Watch. You won't regret it.
Mmmkay. I watch too much TV. Possibly only on Thursday nights, though...

Want your makeup to rock? Go see Summer for the know-how!
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  1. seriously, what is up with the weather?! i start the day freezing and then half way through the day i'm sweating like crazy but scarves are definitely the best remedy. love this whole look. you look adorable!

  2. I feel you pain. Down here in Louisiana it's a day to day thing. I wake up and stick my hand out of the door to see what side of the closet I need to dress out of that day. So annoying. Oh, how I wish I lived in a state that had set seasons!

    Cute outfit lady! Love it all

  3. As that posted, I realize there is no "R" in "Your" I feel you pain, Molly. I feel you pain. Donk, what a dork.

  4. I love the jeans! i have ones that have the same cut and all it's just that they're a wee bit darker... but I love 'em:) oh and The Office... 'nuff said:)

    Happy Halloween Eve!!!

  5. I love the wide legs and the sweater! Gray is so in right now :)

  6. I am ADDICTED with Flashforward!! I love that show.

    ANd that flower bracelet, loves it!! Nice work

  7. Very cute outfit. And yes, I watch way too much tv, but really only on Thursdays. :)

  8. You look so cute! I really need to go shopping. After I had Cameron I went through all of my clothes and ditched a ton of them that I never wore and now I dread looking in my closet to see my abundant array of work shirts...ugh

  9. LOVE the whole outfit! I will come stop by your house before I get dressed every morning and then I too will look cute! :)

  10. You look adorable as always punkin!!! Have a great Halloween weekend!!!

  11. I luv the flower bracelet ... soo cute!

  12. love the jeans!! you always look so darn cute!! great outfit hun :)

    have a good weekend! XO!

  13. Very cute outfit. I love the fact that everything is from a relatively inexpensive stores! Got love getting a great outfit for not a lot of moola!

  14. Cute outfit! I have the same flats but have a hard time wearing them because on my right food it hits the back of my heel weird and gives me and "owie" (in the words of my son).

    Here in CO we went from warm, to cold rain to endless snow in less than 24 hours. I hear ya about the outfit change...use it as an excuse to go shopping! I do!

  15. You are so cute, you make me sick. I mean this in a nice way!

  16. Love it, as usual. Hey - check out my lastest post. What do you think about that top/cadri combo for my anniversary shoot? It's a pretty casual shoot (as in no dresses/suits) but I want to look nice and put together... but I'm bad at putting together outfits. So what do you think?

  17. You always look adorable Molly! I hope you have a great weekend and so much fun trick or treating with Coop!

  18. Love the outfit and I hear ya on the weather thing. Just can't make up its' freakin' mind! :)

  19. Cute - I love your fashion fridays! Love that outfit. I love scarves too!

    You need to do a tutorial on that bracelet - darling!


  20. You are the CUTENESS!!! Love the DIY bracelet!

  21. I LOVE love love that bracelet. Fabulous job!


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