Stilettos and Diapers: By the Book Review + {GIVEAWAY}


By the Book Review + {GIVEAWAY}

Karen from Karmel Publishing contacted me about her awesome book, that you MUST check out.

By the Book: How to take care of MY kids.

Her timing was oh so perfect, as we just started leaving Cooper with a sitter. Then, my in-laws were here, and even though I trust them, it is so nice to be able to give them all the particulars about my little man, without talking for hours.

This book covers all the basis. Basics, including routine, foods and favs, emergency info, medical info, a section for babysitters to take notes, and parents to keep all the sitter info. There are things that I have never thought about leaving for a sitter, but they just make so much sense! All you have to do is fill in the blanks on the pages that look like this.

The book is available as a hardcover book, or an e-book. I got the e-book version. It is a 100 page book, split into 5 sections, that I got in Google Documents. I just had to print off what I wanted, and put it into a cute binder. I never have to scribble a list of things down on Hannah Montana paper and leave it for the sitter again. I bought the paper for the hubs as a joke and I am the one embarrassingly using it.

I am a bit of a perfectionist. This book is great so when something changes, I can just print or purchase a new page instead of scratching stuff out. Cooper turns 2 and starts eating peanuts? New page. New emergency contact digits? New page. New bedtime? New page! Get it?

This book is PERFECT if you use a sitter, have family or friends keep your kids, or lets face it, for your forgetful husband. Last night my hubby put Cooper down and "forgot" to change his diaper, brush his teeth or wash his face. Should have left the book out for him!

So all you need to do it go check this book out!
By the Book: How to take care of MY kids.

Want one? Well, you lucky duckys can win your very own e-book! How?

Leave a comment. Yup. That's it.
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Have a hot date and can't wait? Order yourself a hardcover book now and get 25% off!
The coupon code is BTBK7757 (case sensitive).


  1. Wow, how great is this?! While I love hardcover books, it sounds like the e-version is right up my alley - I HATE scratch-outs! Love it.

  2. Awesome! I usually use a Word doc but this looks great.

  3. This is awesome for us since we don't typically use sitters but sometimes scramble to remember everything!

  4. Ooo! Something to help me stay organized! This would be perfect!!

  5. Sounds like a must have! I just started using a babysitter a couple of days a week so that I can teach aerobics. Have a great day!

  6. Button is on my blog! Heading towards twitter, and I just might post on this fab giveaway..I NEED this book!!

  7. Well I did my best to tweet for you..Still new to twitter!!!

  8. This looks pretty cool. My notes too are on a scrap of paper.

  9. Wow, we could really use the e-version of this book!

  10. Love your blog! I'm a follower! This book is the best idea!

  11. And...just tweeted it, too!

  12. I would LOVE to win these books! great giveaway honey!

  13. Oh...and I am a follower already of course :-)


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