Stilettos and Diapers: Please stop confusing me!


Please stop confusing me!

Dear Target,

You know I am a faithful shopper. I come in your store at least once a week. I buy groceries, diapers, electronics, toys, you name it. I always take some time to slowly look at everything because I have nothing better to do breeze through the clothing department. I love your clearance racks. I never buy anything full price from you, because it will be on sale the next week.

There are a couple things I have noticed lately that are putting a damper on my shopping. As I am rummaging through the rack, I see something I like, and the hanger says size 2. I excitedly pull it out, and it's huge. Uge, as my MIL would say. I shove it back, muttering my dirty words, so Cooper can't hear. Why must you use the same hangers for size 2 and size 2x? It's one thing if you feel like you have to put a plain 2 on the tag. I get it. It makes people feel GOOD. I would buy a pair of pants I wasn't crazy about if they were a size smaller than my norm. Then I would lay them on the couch, inside out, when we have company over. Kidding! Not really. It is seriously making me crazy, though, so please. Stop.

Then there are the designer duds. Why am I shopping at Target if I want designer clothes? It isn't like I am fooling anyone with my for Target line. Could you please stop putting big names in your clothes and triplying the price?

Mmkay. That's all. I think if you were to include me in all Target related decisions, your store would be much more profitable. I would start with alot more red tags.


  1. Love this post Molly, I had a great morning laugh! Thanks! :)

  2. Since you're writing an open letter to Target can you please ask them to stop putting all of their clearance maternity clothes in with all of the 2x and 3x clothes! Like I don't feel fat enough already buying maternity clothes, I don't need to be seen browsing through extra plus sized pants, too! k thanx :)

  3. ha too funny!
    target and i have a love hate relationship for sure!
    they do have some cuter clothes right now though ;)
    in order to save a little money, it's the only place i'm allowing myself to shop right now...ha!

  4. AGREED!!

    If I want 'name brands' I will NOT shop at Target!

  5. I wish I had a Target here!! One of the many stores I wish Canada had!!


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