Stilettos and Diapers: When did I become my Mother?


When did I become my Mother?

What teenager doesn't think at times, I am never going to be like my Mom? I used to be so baffled at some of the things she did. My Mom is most definitely where my frugalness cheapness came from. (I keep trying to mask it as being frugal, but I should face the facts. I am downright cheap.)

This is me 10 years ago, so not ever going to be like my Mom.

I am never taking muffins that are a couple days old and a little dry, cut them in half, slather them in butter, broil them, and serve them for breakfast. They are always good, but lets just make some more muffins.

I will never finish an uneaten plate of my child's food instead of just making myself one. Eww. Gross.

I will never put on my cleaning flip-flops and wake the whole house up to clean on a Saturday morning because "I just can't take this pig sty anymore".

I will never cut the top off of a bag of potato chips so I can get to the ones on the bottom without getting a greasy arm.

Then over the weekend, this sat on my counter.

Why? Because I have done ALL of the above things. I am just like my Mother.


  1. LOL awww how cute! I find myself having "my mother" moments too. It freaks me out.

  2. Umm. I have never heard of the muffin or potato chip trick. And I can honestly say you will never find me waking up the house because I need to clean. *shudder at the thought*

  3. "my mother" moments sometimes creep up on me so slowly that it scares the $h!t out of me!

  4. I'm the same about the cleaning! I used to complain about my mama's clean freak tendencies all the time, but now I find myself hounding my boyfriend about his dirty guy bathroom every time I visit. Whoops!

    (Also, my follower button is at the very top, above the banner, next to the search box.)

  5. My mother moments sneak up on me every once in a while too :)

  6. Hahaha. I love moments when I catch myself being just like my mother. I hate living 11hrs away from here, so I like to think of it as little reminders of home!

  7. All the time. I sound just like her way too often. And our potatoe bag trip was to roll it down as if you were rolling your sleeves. Doesn't work all that great with chip clips tho.

  8. Ha ha - that is funny. But seriously a good idea. It's okay to take the good ideas from your mom!


  9. I think eventually we all become our mothers! My hubs does the same thing with the bag of chips that his dad also does, honestly it drives me nutty!

  10. I also promised I wouldn't be like my mom...until I say something to my 9 year old daughter...that sounds JUST like her. It's so surreal...and scary!

    Never heard of broiling muffins before! Sounds like a great idea!

    All the others...I'm totally guilty of.

  11. haha....I am SO turning into my mother!
    every once in awhile I catch myself asying something...and I am loke OMG, MOTHER! My voice is even starting to sound just like her!
    Oh well, worse things could happen :)

    p.s. good idea about cutting the chip bag, haha

  12. I thought that everybody cut the top part off of chip bags when they got low???? LOL! (guess that just came from my parents also...haha)

    I tell my parents all the time that I'm turning into them....some things are good...others...well...let's just say I'm working on those! :)

  13. I am turning into my mother too. I think it just happens when you have kids.

  14. Oh I love this! I'm turning into my mom in that I almost always have a thermos of hot tea on hand. But in every other way I'm more like my Dad. Thank goodness! lol

  15. Hahaha great post! I love this. I have found myself thinking the same things about my grandmother (she raised my brother and I)

    Isn't it strange how reality and irony come back to bite you?

  16. Happens to the best of us... I'm waiting for my daughter to start turning into me! Hahaha!


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