Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday - Florida Style


Fashion Friday - Florida Style

This week I am in Florida, waiting on my little niece to arrive! I took these pics earlier this week, so I can show you what I will be wearing while hanging at the beach.
I think that headless shots are the best. Who can't take a great headless shot?
The shirt is from Gap. It's hard to tell, but the cuffs are white and blue stripe. I think it is beachy, and also, totally something my grandma would wear. She won a fashion show at her assisted living home at around 87, and asked me just a couple weeks before she died what the colors were for the season, so she could go shopping. Am I pissed to be at the beach? NO! I just look like it. And I'm not changing it.
The earrings I am totally loving and they are from my friend's Lia Sophia party.
I think these shorts are completely inappropriate after Labor Day, so I am getting them worn with only a couple days to go! They are from Old Navy about 5 years ago while I was on a business trip with my dad.

Speaking of my dad, he picked these shoes out for me, I think at Macy's.
I guess good style just runs in the family.
One of these days I will show you some furry leopard shoes he got for me. Not sure if they qualify for a good style award, but I sure did rock um when I was about 15.

This has been another edition of Fashion Friday with Summer! Go check her out.


  1. Love the outfit, as usual! Have fun in Florida, and best wishes to your sister for a healthy and safe delivery.

  2. Love the outfit. It's a great beach outfit. Have a great time in Florida. Congrats to your sister. And you dad has great style LOVE the shoes.

  3. That is perfect Florida attire! I love the shorts and the shoes but honestly with legs like your no one will even notice them!

    Have a great visit, sorry it's so rainy here and enjoy that new baby!

  4. Totally cute outfit - very beachy and I LOVE the shoes!

  5. So cute! I love red shoes and white shorts (I'm also trying to wear mine as much as possible before Labor Day-- I just wish the weather would cooperate!)

  6. Cute outfit! I love your G-ma story...I will totally be that lady in the nursing home with my high-heels on :)

  7. you are so cute!
    love the outfit!
    love the shoes too, your dad has great taste ;)

  8. Hey - stop by my blog when you get a chance... you won the giveaway!

  9. Cute outfit!! :) And lady you DO NOT look pissed. :)

  10. i never retire white right after labor day--it still holds until oct. cute shorts@!

  11. I love the outfit!! So cute that your grandmother was completely in style :)

  12. Cute, cute outfit. I love that little belt. I can't believe that your dad buys shoes for you - that is so cool!


  13. Perfect Florida chic style. Hope you aren't melting here like I am. Ah ha

  14. Your dad has great taste!!! Those shoes are soooo yummy!


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