Stilettos and Diapers: August 2009


I got a new phone, and of course, got a deal.

I am so excited that I got a new phone! I have been debating it for over a month, and I finally did it! I bought this Blackberry Storm.

Wanna hear about my good deal? Well, when I started looking, it was going to be $100 with my new every 2 discount. Not too bad for a new phone, but I didn't want to pay it. I went and played with the thing like 5 times just making sure that I would love it. I went back the day before I was leaving for FL and found out it was on sale; I could get it for free! I was totally sold, until she told me that in California I have to pay tax on the MSRP ($500).

Um, no thanks. I have a plan to scam Verizon, and I'm not afraid to use it.

When I got to FL, all I could think about is buying a phone! I went to Verizon and what do you know? No crazy California tax, even though that is my billing address. Winner, winner! I got my sweet new phone, and a silicone case with white damask for $19. Happy dance!

The only problem now is that I don't really know how to use it. If my hubby were here, he would have had the whole thing figured out by now. I can't even change the ringer, and I get little dings whenever anyone does anything on Facebook. And why can't I reply to anyones tweets? Someone please help. I know, I know, read the owners manual. I just don't want to.

Sorry for my bloggy absence, but I am having so much fun with my family at the beach. I am getting a great tan and my belly is pleasantly plump from copious amounts of snack food. Cooper is having a blast with his cousins. Oh, and the baby? The reason I came here? Still hanging out with her momma. Not interested in entering the world...not yet anyway. Hopefully I will have news soon!


Fashion Friday - Florida Style

This week I am in Florida, waiting on my little niece to arrive! I took these pics earlier this week, so I can show you what I will be wearing while hanging at the beach.
I think that headless shots are the best. Who can't take a great headless shot?
The shirt is from Gap. It's hard to tell, but the cuffs are white and blue stripe. I think it is beachy, and also, totally something my grandma would wear. She won a fashion show at her assisted living home at around 87, and asked me just a couple weeks before she died what the colors were for the season, so she could go shopping. Am I pissed to be at the beach? NO! I just look like it. And I'm not changing it.
The earrings I am totally loving and they are from my friend's Lia Sophia party.
I think these shorts are completely inappropriate after Labor Day, so I am getting them worn with only a couple days to go! They are from Old Navy about 5 years ago while I was on a business trip with my dad.

Speaking of my dad, he picked these shoes out for me, I think at Macy's.
I guess good style just runs in the family.
One of these days I will show you some furry leopard shoes he got for me. Not sure if they qualify for a good style award, but I sure did rock um when I was about 15.

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Wordful Wednesday - Present for Avery

My sister is due tomorrow with her third baby, and first girl! I missed one of her births by minutes, and one by 1 day. I am hoping she will hold out until Friday morning for me to get there!
I made wooden letters for Cooper's room, and decided to make some for her little Avery. My sis knows I made them, but what they look like will be her surprise. Here is the outcome.

Here are a couple close ups of the detail.

I am so excited that they are adding a baby girl to their already beautiful family!

I also made a hair bow holder, but it isn't quite finished yet. I enjoyed every minute of making these and I am thinking about putting them up on Etsy. What do you think?

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Decisions, decisions.

Saturday night, I made the decision to dress up like this,

and drink this huge margarita,

then, go here to a White Party, and shake my tail feathers until well past 1am.
Didn't my momma ever tell me there's nothing open past 12, but some legs? It's true.

These decisions resulted in me being very tired when I had to be a Mommy Sunday morning.

So I hung out with this, and layed on the couch.

Which resulted in an ET child, rockin some boxer briefs.
At least they were clean, right?

And today, I'm still tired.

But, somewhere in the midst of those decisions, I ended up with these little pretties in my closet.

And that makes me happy. So much so, that I almost forget my eyelids are propped open.

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Fashion Friday - All about a ring

This week, my entire outfit revolves around this: I just bought this ring at my friend Lisa's jewelery party for Stella and Dot, and I love it! Want it for yourself? Go here. They have gorgeous jewelery and you are helping out a fellow mama, who happens to be my friend in real life!
I got this dress at Marshall's last fall for $7! I just wore it for the first time this summer. It is super comfy and has this cute embroidery on the top.
The bottom is stretchy cotton and bubbles at the bottom. See?
My Gap shoe deal.
And, THE ring. I love it!

I am very excited because tonight is our second date night! Our church got us set up with a sweet girl that is coming over once Cooper is asleep. I am still nervous, but we are staying very close by, just in case he needs me. Hehe.

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But I do care, really!

One of my favorite things to do is go to the grocery store. It's a good thing seeing that I go almost every day. It's like my hobby. I hate though, when I get to the checkout, and they ask me where my reusable bags are. Not "do you HAVE reusable bags?" No. That would be way too nice, and not rude enough. It's "Where are they?"

I have reusable bags. Tons of them. They are really cute, too. I just have a hard time remembering them. I am lucky to leave the house with my wallet and child, much less anything else.

I just recently organized all my closets. I put the bags in one close to the door, all in the same spot, so I wouldn't forget. Nope, I forgot them. I even tried to put them in the back of my car. Forgot them. You better believe I am not walking out to the car with a baby in tow to go get them.

Most cashiers interpret this as me not giving a crap. Certain stores more than others. (ahem, Whole Foods) I don't want an entire tree worth of bags in my kitchen any more than they do. It's just that I am a mom. I used to be all over things. Now, my brain is slightly mushy, and I don't remember things like I used to. Well, that and the fact that I am already carrying my wallet, phone and list, PLUS passies, snacks so he is quiet, juice cup, books, name it. Anything to get me through there without all eyes on me.

So cashiers, STEP OFF ME.

(I always wanted to say that to someone.)


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Becky from Simply Memorable!
She makes amazing quilts other crafty things. Go check out her work and say congrats!
Congratulations, Becky! I will contact you for your info.


Wordful Wednesday - Beach Day

Be prepared for the longest Wordful Wednesday ever. Hehe.

Over the weekend, we went out to the beach. The weather was gorgeous, even though the water was freezing!

Look, mom!

Rock Climbing.

He left COVERED in sand. Taking it all in.

He only wanted to run, run, run!
We ended our fun day with BK's Apple Fries. Cooper loves them. And I love the caramely goodness that I eat and don't let him have. That is called taking one for the team and being a good mom, right there.

On another note all together, anyone watching More to Love? Luke is by far the biggest douche ever. Just FYI.

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When did I become my Mother?

What teenager doesn't think at times, I am never going to be like my Mom? I used to be so baffled at some of the things she did. My Mom is most definitely where my frugalness cheapness came from. (I keep trying to mask it as being frugal, but I should face the facts. I am downright cheap.)

This is me 10 years ago, so not ever going to be like my Mom.

I am never taking muffins that are a couple days old and a little dry, cut them in half, slather them in butter, broil them, and serve them for breakfast. They are always good, but lets just make some more muffins.

I will never finish an uneaten plate of my child's food instead of just making myself one. Eww. Gross.

I will never put on my cleaning flip-flops and wake the whole house up to clean on a Saturday morning because "I just can't take this pig sty anymore".

I will never cut the top off of a bag of potato chips so I can get to the ones on the bottom without getting a greasy arm.

Then over the weekend, this sat on my counter.

Why? Because I have done ALL of the above things. I am just like my Mother.


Fashion Friday - Do you have a maxi I can borrow?

Fashion Friday! Another day of self portraits. Aren't you jealous?
This week, Ross called my name. I walked in and within 5 minutes, I was in the dressing room with this baby.
I love Maxi's, but being the great big height of 5'2'', I can't find many that fit. I knew when this one was the perfect length, that I couldn't pass it up. Oh, and the color. My daddy loves me in purple, and I am the biggest daddy's girl in the world.
Did you notice that chair wasn't in the picture last week? That's because we moved our living room furniture around. And in case you were wondering, I love it.
I love that the ruffles go all the way around the back.
The headband is the same one that is in my giveaway, from the one and only Forever 21. Well, not exactly the same one. I bought you your own. The necklace is 3 diamonds from my Grandma's tennis bracelet. When she passed away, my parents had all 4 of us girls necklaces made out of it, and they saved some for my brother to eventually make into an engagement ring. I love family jewelery!

Can you tell that Cooper loves Fridays? He is playing all happy, and as soon as I turn on the camera, he can't. Stay. Away.

Your so vain. You probably think this post is about you, don't you, don't you!

I think he just takes after me. Whoops. I look a little goofy here, but Cooper's little passie grin was too adorable to pass up.

When I was just about to post this, the hubs just got home and called me Princess Leia. Then offered to take my picture. Uhh, little late, dude. There he goes again, putting his work and my livelihood before my blog. So selfish.

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Just how young is too young?

That question could be asked for a whole host of things. Wearing makeup, dating, shaving your legs, drinking, smoking, sex, and the list goes on and on.

My concern now is this.

I am in the grocery store, pushing the cart down the aisle. There is a beautiful woman, with a baby in the cart coming towards me. It was obviously a little girl. Pink and brown cart cover, frilly dress, and a huge headband with a flower. (I adore those things.) She had a head full of dark curls and just perfect olive skin. I have an image in my head of how beautiful this little baby is. I start dreaming of having a little girl.

Will she have dark hair like mine? Will other people look at us in the store and start wishing for their own little model baby? Will I go broke shopping for this little princess?

As I get closer, I smile at the mom and pass her cart. I glance back to stare at this baby who I am sure will be the next Penelope Cruz.

I see something that looks like this:

The worst unibrow I have ever seen on a person, much less a baby. Oh, my. That was enough to make me terrified to have a daughter.

So the question, how young is too young to bring a baby (yes, BABY) into the salon for a wax?

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Wordful Wednesday - Chatty Man

Cooper is chatty. He loves to talk, and he especially loves to talk on the phone. He will come and take the phone away from me, put it up to his ear and walk away. His usual phone words are hello, papa and uh-oh. He always nods instead of actually saying yes, and he blows lots of kisses.

Please tell me I am not the only one who's kid walks around pantsless and who's floors look like a war zone. What you see are the contents of "his" cabinet. The plastic plates and cups. He empties the entire thing out on a regular basis. I have gotten to where I only clean up when he goes to sleep. It is just not worth wasting my time before then.

Here he is web chatting with Grandma, Grandpa and his cousin. Thank God for technology so he knows who they are! Okay, well the ulterior motive is so he is comfortable with them when they come this fall, so I can run away. I mean shop. I mean do something productive.
This new found love of the phone makes me have to be more careful with where I leave it. He has changed the names of most of the speed dials and he frequently calls people on my cell phone. I have found the phone more than once in a pile with his toys, and it has been off the hook for over 2 hours. Whoops.
Now, me and the operator that ask me to please hang up and dial again, are BFF's.

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Its my 100th post GIVEAWAY!

I can't believe this is my 100th post! I started blogging knowing I had stuff to talk about, but I didn't know I had this much! I have "met" some of the most fabulous people since I started this blog in January. To thank all of you sweet people who read all of the amazing things I have to say my ramblings, I am having a giveaway!

You all know by now that one of my most favorite places in the world, is Forever 21. Only appropriate to give you some awesome accessories found on my most recent trip! One lucky reader will receive a pair of dangly pearl and silver earrings, a long silver chain with charms and pearls, 2 hobo style headwraps, and an adorable storage box that is the perfect size for your jewelery. (I got myself a matching one, too!)
Here are the earrings and necklace on top of the box.

Side view of the box with jewelery and headwraps.

Ya know, long silver chains are all the rage this fall, so be glad I didn't keep this one for myself. It is perfect for layering.

Lastly, the headwraps. There is a silver one, and a black one. Most of you liked these when I posted about them before, and if you didn't, you should try it on at least! They can also be worn like a regular headband.

Alrighty, on to some rules. All you have to do it leave a comment to be entered!

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