Stilettos and Diapers: Wordful Wednesday - Park day


Wordful Wednesday - Park day

Cooper got his first mohawk this week! We usually just brush his hair over, but it is getting a little longer and I decided to do something with it. I sat him on the counter and he laughed and posed in the mirror the whole time I was fixing it. I think it looks adorable, but I felt a little bad for putting all that gunk on his head!
I did it again when we went to the park the other day. The girls were eating their little hearts out. Of course, it probably helped a bit that he is blowing kisses at everyone these days. I think my little Coop is already a player!

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  1. aww. looks like he is having a blast and I love his hair.

  2. He is too cute!! Love the hair.

  3. Too cute! I do this to Jake's hair when his hair gets too long and I am too lazy to get him a haircut appt!

  4. As the mom of a 15 yr old who has been rockin' a mohawk for MANY YEARS, I say ROCK ON COOPER!!


  5. Hey girl! Congrats! You won the Snikiddy Snacks gift basket from my birthday bash! Please send me your mailing information!


  6. awww!! I love his little mohawk and how cute that he blows kisses to everyone! His outfit is darling too!

  7. He is so dang cute! Love the hair, love the clothes, love it, love it!


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