Stilettos and Diapers: The one where red wine is spilled on the couch.


The one where red wine is spilled on the couch.

I know the dos and don'ts of food and beverage placement. I am used to it. I know that if you don't want to share your food, you eat it during nap time. Or in the comfort of your closet. I know that the coffee tables, my desk and the kitchen table are places Cooper can get on top of, and swipe your goods. If you want your food to be safe, it must be placed at least 3 inches back on the kitchen counter. Because yes, he can now pull things off that are close to the edge.

The hubs knows these things too, but is not used to practicing them. Last weekend he put a beer on his side table, and I am pretty certain Cooper took a sip before I got it out of his hands. 2 nights ago, he put a rather large glass of red wine in that very same spot. As I heard the cling of the glass, I jumped up to find 3/4 of the glass had been dumped on the table, and all over the couch. Duh, I didn't take a picture. But trust me, it was everywhere.

Flash back 4 years ago to when we bought our couch set. The pushy salesman was trying to get us to get all the couches Scotchguard protected. We kept blowing him off since kids were the last thought at that point. We ended up giving in, mostly to make him shut up.
I would kiss that mans feet today.
That was the best $80 I think I have ever spent. We used a towel with only water on it and, BAM! Our couch looked like this:

After it dried it was as good as new! I love you, Scotchguard.


  1. Oh Wow! Amazing! Before baby, we bought leather couches, so any spills we have can be easily wiped up...but I will definitely have to remember this one! Thanks!

  2. We got our couch scotchgauared too. And they also gave us this awesome cleaner. Landon has gotten tons of stuff on it and it is good as new.

  3. Um...I need to go and buy some of this NOW!! I like the new layout.

  4. Scotchgaurd, very good to know that it works!

  5. I didn't want Scotchgaurd either but the damn salesman talked my hubby and I into it. After countless spit-up incidents and a night of drinking I won't discuss, the couch still looks new and I wish I had the salesman's number so I could thank him :-)

  6. I must say sctochgaurd ROCKS!! even for us big kids that spill things ... LOL. They even have it for rugs when you use your carpet cleaner, yup we stalked up on that! Now if it's pee that's been on the floor for a while it gets most of it ... LOL ;)

  7. Wow, I am definitely getting our new couches scotchgaurded! P.S. I like the new header and colors!

  8. Mental note: Get scotchguard on new couches in the future!

    Love the new background on your blog!

  9. I have that, too! We have a microfiber suede-ish sofa and I have spilled SO many things on it. I am very thankful we spent the extra money as well. Your blog is cute and Cooper is just adorable!


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