Stilettos and Diapers: My first night missing bedtime


My first night missing bedtime

My friend Lisa and I went to see Kenny Chesney, Lady Anetbellum, and Miranda Lambert on Saturday and it was an absolute blast. It was the best concert I have been to in along time. It started at 5:30 and we both have little ones that we put to sleep. No one has ever put Cooper to sleep but me, so I was scared to leave, but so excited to go! I gave the hubs very detailed instructions and started getting everything in place so he wouldn't have to search for anything.

Now, Cooper loves his passie. We carry tons around everywhere we go, and he always has 5 to sleep with. Don't judge me for fueling his addiction. He sleeps in his bed for 12 hours straight, so whatever keeps him there. Well, about 45 minutes before I was to leave, I couldn't find passies. He had one, and there were 2 that he is just okay with, but not his favorites. I started to freak. I looked everywhere. I looked under the living room furniture and beds so many times, that Cooper started squatting down and peering for himself. When I asked him where his passies were, he just put his hands up and shrugged. Lovely. Daddy is screwed. I ended up leaving, just hoping for the best, and come to find out, he went to bed without a hitch. Apparently, he doesn't need 5 passies in his bed, or me for that matter.

The next day, I was doing laundry, and I found a passie in Cooper's laundry basket! I knew he is really into putting little things in and out of other things, but didn't realize he was doing it with something as precious as passies! A little while later, I threw something away and there was another one, right there with a handful of magnet letters. What else has he thrown in there?! Throughout the day, I found 2 in my dresser drawers, and 1 in Billy's toiletry bag. Nothing is safe anymore!
Here are a few pictures from my responsibility-free night!
Lady Antebellum
Kenny Chesney!

Me and Lisa

I suppose that a sure sign of a good concert is getting beer spilled all over you.


  1. So totally jealous.....I love Mirandda Lambert, Atebelum and Kenny. I live near Shoreline ampthetheater and he use to come every year but now I guess he is so big he needds a bigger venue.

    And yes its not a good time without some beer on you....

    Lady Antebelum is coming to the Rodeo Club in San Jose Oct 23 You should try and go kind of far from you but they usually have alot of great acts and its pretty small. We are going to see Pat Green next week at the Rodeo Club. I love him and also the tixs were $45 And next month Randy Hauser.

    Passies are the worst thing to lose but good to know he went to sleep witout a problem :0) Thats good news.
    Take Care

  2. How FUN!! I would love to see that concert! I just love all of them. Lady Antebellum is so good, especially the girl singer, she is awesome!

  3. My son loves to hide our remote controls. We haven't been able to find the one for our tv for about a week, so we have been forced to get up from the couch and use the buttons on top of the tv to turn it on and adjust the volume. We better find it soon!

  4. How good is Kenny Chesney in concert!!??? I've seen him live a few times and every show was amazing. Too funny about the passies - can't wait till I'm finding them all over the place!

  5. Looks like you had a great time. This same concert came here and I wanted to go to it so bad but I didn't make it. I love Kenny and Miranda.

  6. Jealous!!! Love me some Kenny Chesney - he is not scheduled to come to AZ this year - soooo bummed! It is a yearly tradition for me and my bff to go! Looks like you had a blast!

  7. Don't you just love finding things in the most random places. I swear to you one of my little ones sandals went out with the recycling. It has been missing for weeks.


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