Stilettos and Diapers: I'm really back...with shaving gel and lotion.


I'm really back...with shaving gel and lotion.

I have done 1 measly post since I came home from Hawaii 2 weeks ago. I am sorry! We did go to LA last week, but I had time. Plenty of time. I just spent it shopping and laying out instead of talking to you. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my reader shows 1000+, so I have been avoiding it. Why do you people write such great stuff that I can't just mark as read? I will be there for HOURS, but I will love it. Well, once I actually do it. I am going to start once I am done writing this, because Cooper and I are in conference call solitude. We get as far away from the hubs office as possible, bring plenty of food, toys and the computer and just wait. I should go somewhere, but we are still in our pajamas. Hehe. Motherhood has its perks for sure.
On to bigger, earth shattering things. Before we left for vacation, I bought some shaving gel. I wanted my legs to be sprikle free when wearing a bathing suit for days. I have never bought the stuff, because I am cheap and thought it was non-essential. Wow. What kind of girl am I? My legs were...smooth. Weirdest thing ever. I have gone years complaining about how my legs are never smooth and who would've thought that was all I needed?
On to lotion. I got tan. Okay, maybe a little red, and I just didn't want to peel. So I started using lotion. Here is where I really felt like an idiot. It never crossed my mind that if you lather on Vaseline cocoa butter, then you don't have chalky knees and elbows. Huh. I actually had a little sheen to my newly tan legs. You know I pranced around singing the America's Next Top Model theme song.

Shaving gel: $2.50.
Lotion $3.99.
Wearing daisy dukes around everyday and walking like I am on the runway: PRICELESS


  1. I totally agree on the shaving gel - it really does make my legs soooo much smoother! Sadly, I'm too cheap to buy it on a regular basis, so shaving gel in the house always = special occasion. Welcome back!

  2. Too cute! I have to admit, my bottle of shaving gel is leftover from my Mary Kay days...and I haven't sold it in almost three years. It is way easier to just lather up good with the shower gel and shave away. But you are right, the silky feeling after using the MK shower gel is PRETTY nice. And it smells good too. Worth the extra time and shelf space in the shower I imagine. Glad you are back!

  3. You are the saddest girl ever! :-) If you would start coupon clippin like me you could get your shaving get for FREE! Love ya. Have a great day!

  4. Hahaha, that's great. You are going to become a lotion lover like me! Mary Kay Hydrating Lotion is my fave.

  5. Lotioning after every shower is a MUST! You will get complemented on your smooth, soft skin :)
    That's one things I got by monkey-see monkey-do from my momma :)


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