Stilettos and Diapers: If the shoe fits, BUY IT!


If the shoe fits, BUY IT!

Payless. I usually don't shop there. You might be thinking, "Molly, you are the cheapest person on the planet, of course you shop there". Well, I actually think they are overpriced. Haha! Seriously $24.99 for a pair of fringed flip flops? I can pay that at Macy's. I have been known to be a little more generous in the shoe department, anyway. Remember Dr. Martens? I have tons. I even bought a pair in England that you couldn't get here. Bleh. What I would give to have that money back!

Last week in LA, I was waiting outside of a store for Bill to finish up work. We went into every store around and finally into Payless. I was just walking through, being grateful that the stroller actually fit down the aisle, (that drama is another post) when out jumped these beauties.
They are adorable. They are comfortable, and they were $10. A girl is crazy to pass that up! I wore them for the hubs birthday and they were oh so cute. They will probably be taking part in Summer's Fashion Friday in the very near future. Oh, and they look fabulous with my newly lotioned legs.
After all, Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change a girls life.


  1. NEED THEM! I'm stopping at Payless on the way to dinner tonight!

  2. There is just something about yellow shoes that makes me want to parade in around in my house wearing only them and my pregnant belly :) "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!"

  3. Ooooh ... way cute!! Good buy, girly!!

  4. Oh super cute! I never think to go to Payless (probably cause there's not one on my way to anywhere I normally go); I usually get my shoes at Kohl's. Unless I need a pair of really sweet heels, then I track down Jessican Simpson's on Amazon or ShoeBuy.

  5. Love them, I feel the same way about PL. Sometimes you'll find a deal :)

  6. I just got great deals at Payless yesterday! Gotta love the end of summer sales. I got a pair of salmon patent leather heels and some adorable pale gold ballet flats ($10 and $7, respectively). It was great!


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