Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday - Summa, Summa, Summa Style.


Fashion Friday - Summa, Summa, Summa Style.

I am joining in on the fun with Summer again for Fashion Friday! I am really late, but it is not my fault. It's because the hubs decided that working was more important than taking my picture this morning. So selfish, huh?
Today it is miserably hot, so we are going with casual shorts.

Shirt is from my favorite place in the world...Forever 21 outlet in Anaheim! Totally worth driving 6 hours to get there!
Shorts are Old Navy, via my sister's closet. Thank goodness she is pregnant and not missing them. Hopefully she will have forgotten about them by the time she pops that kid out, because I don't think I am giving them back. HA!
Shoes are from WalMart in GA. They are few and far between here, so I love going when I visit the rents.
Purse is from Burlington Coat Factory. Their commercial doesn't lie; they really are more than great coats.
Can you tell I am really into yellow right now? After seeing these pictures, I think this outfit really doesn't match and I probably won't wear it again. Hehe. I won't cheat though, and go put on a fabulous one.
Since I didn't buy the shorts, my total outfit cost was under $25. Told you I was cheap!
Now go check out Summer!


  1. Love the shoes - I need a pair like that. Wal-Mart, here I come!

  2. I love the shoes and I would be in heaven in a forever 21 outlet, I didn't even know they had one. I must go there one day.

  3. That's super cute! And under $25!? I need to go shopping with you!!

  4. You look so cute!

    I love Forever 21...if I ever stop getting pregnant, I hope to buy some actual clothes there, not just accessories! LOL!

  5. I love that purse!! I think that's a cute outfit!

  6. You always look so cute! It makes me feel inferior with my work out shorts, t shirt, and pony tail.

  7. Seriously?!? Those shoes are from Walmart?!?


    And in my opinion, it doesn't match per se, but it totally goes. Wear it again for sure!

  8. You are too cute! I wish I could pull off wearing those shorts! Adorable!



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