Stilettos and Diapers: Fashion Friday - Beter late than never!


Fashion Friday - Beter late than never!

I have a confession to make. This morning, while I was getting ready, I ate sour cream and onion potato chips in the bathroom. I was eating them in there because I didn't want to feel guilty when the hubs saw me devour a whole bag, and I didn't want to share them with Cooper. It is sometimes nice not to have to share your food, because quite frankly, Cooper can eat more than half of my food in a setting. Thanks for listening to that. I felt a little like an alcoholic in hiding, so I wanted to come clean.

Anyway, on to Fashion Friday. I was planning my clothes while eating chips, at least. I planned on wearing my "fat" clothes due to massive sodium expansion in my mid-section.

You all know how I love leggings, and I wore them yesterday too.

Can you feel my love of these shoes coming off your screen? It is deep. They are from Gap and I just picked them up for $10 this week. The top and jewelery are from Forever 21. Leggings from Target and the belt is Express. The sunglasses are Coach and I got them for free. Yup. That sure cuts down on my outfit total! It suddenly hit me this week as I was at a Mom's Club event, that maybe I should "grow up" my style a little. Then I quickly changed my mind and decided to keep wearing clothes that look like I am in high school for as long as possible.

Go check out Summer's Awesome style and link up your Fashion Friday!


  1. I will NEVER "grow up" my style and wear MOM jeans!!! I was a manager with American Eagle for 6 years and will NEVER EVER become the mom who wears her daughters clothes, but I will have some sort of style!!

  2. LOVE the outfit. Especially the shoes I wonder if my gap has them. I am going to keep wearing my "high school" clothes as long as possible too.

  3. I love those shoes! Gap has the best sandals. Don't worry about the chips, at least you're not 5 months pregnant and going out at night to buy another bag of cooler ranch doritos you devoured that morning to hide the evidence from your hubby :)

  4. Um, you are 24. There is no need to "grow up" your outfits! And this one is totally cute. And it is not immature anyway, and I wouldn't think you are in high school. :)

  5. I sometimes think that I should be more "mom" like and I may buy a few "mom" outfits, but all in all, I love fashion too much.

  6. I have the same thought about growing up my style, but I am 29 so I probably really should. Dang it. I'll give it one more year.

  7. you look cute! I am ALL ABOUT dressing like a teenager (a classy one anyway :))!
    what a steal on those cute shoes!!

  8. Ok love it! You are too funny about the chips, you are such a skinny mini! Ok and let me tell you I went and bought those shoes after you posted them on facebook and I love them. Only problem is I cant get them on myself because I can't bend over! Ha ha. And yes keep dressing like you do, no MOM jeans for us!


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