Stilettos and Diapers: Parallel Parking


Parallel Parking

I can't parallel park. I got my first driver's license in FL. There is no need to parallel park there, therefore, no need to teach anyone. I did live in NY for 3 years, but it was upstate and if we ever went somewhere that it was necessary, the hubs would drive. He is really good at it. He actually loves to do it. He tried to teach me once and I quit. Never tried again. So yesterday, my sis and I decided to go into SanFran for a shopping filled day. Sounds great, huh? Well, hello parallel parking. EVERYWHERE. We ended up parking in a lot because lets face it, it was much safer. But then she wanted to go see the Painted Ladies. (You know, the beautiful houses from Full house?) That area is not only all parallel parking, but add in hills like you wouldn't believe and I was having a panic attack. My hands were sweating. My heart was racing. We went around and around passing tons of open spaces searching for one on the end or 2 in a row. Eventually I found what I believed was a spot in between 2 driveways. I parked. Phew. I had to sit in the car for a few minutes and calm down before I got out. When I got out, I realized that either my car was really long, or the spot was reserved for Mini Coopers.

We didn't stay long, because I was blocking people's driveways.

We did get a few pics, though. Whit and Cooper in front of the Ladies.

Me and my walking man going up hill.

And sliding down. And yelling for Whitney to come get Cooper. (Don't wear adorable silver flats up a slippery hill.)


  1. Haah! I cant parallel park very well either. I barely squeaked by on my drivers test.

  2. At least your car isn't a stick shift!! That is a Bi***!

  3. How pretty!!! I want to get out to San Fran's been like 15 years since I was there! Yikes!

  4. I always had to parallel park for my class in college. Pain in the rear when people were behind me. Instant anxiety attack for sure!

  5. I haaaaate parallel parking! I didn't even know those houses were a real place you could go see! Cool!

  6. That is true. My sister lives in San Francisco. She is a fast and efficient parallel parker. Where did you live in upstate NY? I grew up in Manlius (Syracuse).


  7. I feel your pain! I live in SF for 4yrs. and was forced to become parallel parker extrordinare. I never quite mastered parking on the left hand side of a oneway on hill in a stick, whew I sweating just reminscing!

  8. I can't parallel park either...I never even learned how!!!!! It scares me to DEATH!!!

  9. FYI - I failed my drivers test because I completely flattened the 4 cones that designated the "parking spot" I was supposed to park in. Worst. Day. Ever.


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