Stilettos and Diapers: Mr. Ed. Who are you?


Mr. Ed. Who are you?

What is my obsession with Ed Hardy? I don't have anything from the brand. I don't know anyone with anything form the brand. I don't know what made me start looking at it. I don't even know who Ed Hardy, er, Christian Audigier is. I just went on about 2 weeks ago to the hubs about why someone would want to wear something with the brand name so big across it. Then my heart started to change. Why? No clue. Same thing that happened with the snuggie. Made fun of it, keep looking at it, started to like it, fell in love with it, own it! Is this an unnatural process? Humm. I am just not so sure I want to bring myself to pay $80 for a t-shirt. But the undies. Thats right, the panties. (you know how I feel about that word, hehe.) They are adorable. And under your pants. Why do I want them so bad?!?! Because they look like this!

I don't think any of you can disagree that these are freakin' adorable.


  1. Way cute!! I wasn't a fan either ... until I went to Vegas! Ed Hardy is all over that place! I went to the outlet and picked myself up a cute tee with fish on it ... I am so not into all the skulls. I also wear his Eternal Love perfume (and will be giving it away for my big One Year!!) - it is a yummy vanilla pudding-strawberry scent. The undies are too cute - I may need some now, too. LOL!

  2. I still can't come around to Ed Hardy. I think it's because it's all over the flippin' place here! I'm not a name brand person, I just buy it if it's cute! I didn't mind it so much when I first started seeing it, but it's just become too much now! & Maybe too busy? I could see wearing some undies though! In fact, I have some undies that look very much like those. I think I got them from Marshalls for $5 though, haha :)

  3. I don't even know why Ed Hardy is so big or even what he does to make him so spectacular, but those are some cute undies. Maybe I should check into it... :)

  4. I never heard of Hardy until I was in Marshals and these girls were frantically looking for jeans by him. Well I just had to follow and see what the fuss was... hmmmm just jeans to me and for a girl with a littel J-Lo in her they just dint work. Bu tnow those undies they are cute I could for sure see me wearing them.

    Since your post on the Maxi dress I am now seeing thme everywhere LOL

  5. They ARE adorable. The first time I saw Ed Hardy merchandise I didn't like it.....but like you........I find it totally growing on me.


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