Stilettos and Diapers: The Maxi. Not the pad.


The Maxi. Not the pad.

I love this summers new dress style, the maxi. Like really love it. I am only 5'2'', so not the ideal height to wear them, but I do anyway. The only issue is that I don't understand why they have to be named after a pad. I feel the same embarrassment when I say the word as I do in the lady aisle of Target. I will still share a few favorites that I have found.

Forever 21 $14.50

Fab Braid Strap Maxi Dress

Macy's $89.00

DKNY Jeans Floral Print Jersey Maxi Dress

Express $88.00

Ruffle Tube Maxi Trim

Macy's $159.50
Michael Kors Sweetheart-Neckline Strapless Textured Dress

Forever 21 $27.80

Stud Trim Maxi Dress

So now that I have typed that more times than I am comfortable with, I am going to find out where it came from. Who came up with it? Maybe it is so you can be nice and comfy while wearing a maxi. (The dress and the pad) Eww. That was too far. Seriously, sorry. Well, not enough to hold backspace for an entire sentence.


  1. LOL! I agree....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!!! And, I'm only 5'3".....oh well...I'm sure we still look adorable!!! haha

  2. The name makes me want to ignore the dress altogether, but those are super cute!

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  4. Those dresses are great. I don't know if I could pull it off. I did buy a really long skirt from Target the other day and it is so comfy!


  5. I was going to blog about this myself! I am 5'1" and it looks like I am wearing a maxi's for me.

  6. Ewwww... no seriously, I love them too! As you saw on Sunday. I have 2 of them now. By the way... saw a very cute small Baroque lamp at Pier 1 today and thought of you. Petite black base with Baroque small lamp shade... :)

  7. Love your new look at the top of your blog! At first I wasn't sure I was in the right place! LOL!!! Thanks for the nice comment/encouragement on my blog the other day. Much appreciated!

  8. Those are beautiful, but my boobs are far too big for those kinds of dresses. Poopsies.

  9. I love them too(&I'm also 5'2")! Whatever! My boyfriend doesn't get it though. The first time I wore one around him he's all, "WHAT are you wearing? Is that long? Are we going somewhere nice?" haha, boys...

  10. Had no idea that they were called that.. LOL When someone ask "who are you wearing" I can snicker and say " why it's a Maxi" LOL

    I really like the last one very fun..I am 5'1" so these are hit or miss on me

    Take Care

  11. Those are cute! I love dresses in the summer time!

    BTW- I have something for you on my blog, come check it out!

  12. I NEED all of those dresses since I love them so

    Thanks too by the way for the encouraging words on nap time w/ baby! I appreciate the feedback!

    I love your new header too..too cute!

  13. Oh my gosh I LOVE the DKNY dress! Think I could pull that off pregnant?

  14. I think it is funny that you think you are too short for them - as I myself think I am too tall for them (yes, all 5 foot 6 inches). Ha, ha!!

  15. Love love these too! But hate the name! I just myself a maternity one, only probably is keeping the girls confined!

  16. I LOVE the bottom one! Beautiful dresses. Ugly name.

  17. Hey I am over from 20sb and have that same dress (the last one) and LOVE it, I even posted about it to LOL, have a great weekend!


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