Stilettos and Diapers: Whats so wrong with that?


Whats so wrong with that?

Our lease is up in September and we are really thinking we are going to buy a house. Wait, maybe not. No really, we want to but we are just scared! We are on the hunt now since the end of September is approaching. That is not the most important thing here, though.
I told the hubs that I want a to get a dog when we move. A black lab named Lil' Wayne to be exact. He said no. No way. It was not the dog thing so much as the naming the dog thing. What? He said dogs don't get names like that and he is not going to be calling a dog this dumb name for 12 some odd years. Whatever. I thought then to something I often heard my dad say, and I let hubs know.
You are either right, or you are happy.


  1. LOL Lil' Wayne pretty great name for a lab I think. It gets my vote LOL He can just call it Lil'

    Good luck in your house hunt.It can be very frustrating at times. We just sold our home back East and have yet to drive into the house hunt out here in the Bay. It's a scary thought.

    Take Care

  2. I've owned a house and a dog...both were overrated!

  3. Just gave you an award - go over to my blog to check it out!


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