Stilettos and Diapers: I miss you, my friends.


I miss you, my friends.

We used to hang out once a week. It was rarely missed. We always had such a great time, too. We laughed, we cried. We drank wine and ate popcorn. This is what good friends do, right? Where did you go? What did I do?

I miss my you, my girls, Izzy, Merideth, Pam, Addison, and Violet. I am also missing some men in my life. Michael, Jim and Jeff Probst. Oh, and McDreamy. How could I forget you? I love you. Ryan Seacrest, I think you are my hubs bromance. Although, he would never admit it.

You are all welcome back into my house. Please, please, come back. I miss you all.


  1. There's always Big Brother to look forward too!! Summer T.V. does suck though!

  2. Here are a few links for things to do in the Bay Area that will keep you busy this summer and your mind off those shows that you miss :)
    Tide Pools
    Go into the archives also, there is a ton to do.

    And this place I have not yet been but my girlfriends and I are planning a trip there in the next month or so.
    Tide Pools
    **COPY PASTE**

  3. The first link takes you no where here is the link to some beaches with tide pools.

  4. Clarify "not in reruns". I don't think I can wait...I hope Addison get's it on with the Cardio doc. And Violet...she has to live. Right?


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