Stilettos and Diapers: He's a traveling man


He's a traveling man

My hubby gets the great joy of traveling for work. He manages CA, NV and HI so those are the terrible places he has to travel to. Poor guy. He doesn't travel all the time, and usually gets to be at home at least 1 day a week. Still, it is too much travel for my liking. There are some positives, though.

I don't have to make dinner.
I get to watch the Bachelorette and chick flicks that he doesn't want to see.
We get sick frequent flyer miles, and get to go visit the fam with them.
I may or may not have done my P90X today, and no one knows for sure but me.

I only talk to a toddler all day.
Cereal for dinner is only sweet for a couple nights.
I feel like a single mother...and I have no idea how they do it.
There is no one to snuggle me in the bed at night.
I have to change EVERY diaper.
I just miss him!

I am so grateful that in times like these, he has a job, but it is hard being married to a traveling man! I do get to go with him sometimes, which is awesome. I am tagging along for a Hawaii trip this summer. We are staying longer and turning it into our first solo vacation with a baby. I don't have much to complain about, huh?


  1. That's funny...I love how you broke it into pros and cons, that so the way I would see it too! I feel like I talk baby all day too!

    I'd really like to know what you think of P90X, as I'm debating whether or not to try it.

  2. Love the list!! How on earth do single Mamas do it?!

  3. I hear ya sister! My husby got a promotion this past week (one that was promised to him over a year ago) and is now working a whole different region...we are still at home in JC, MO while he is gone for a week at a time. Comes home Fri night and leaves again the wee hours of the first work day (this week being Memorial Day weekend we get to have him til Tues). He loves his new postion and is excited to fix everything, and I too am thankful he has a job. But we are dealing with a house on the market and wanting to at least be in the same city as his base. Instead of two hours away from him when he is closest to us. And it really does feel like single-mommy-ness. If you ever need someone to vent to, I am always right on the other side of cyber email is or my blog! Feel for ya! It does get super lonely...and feels weird to only talk to your own children.

  4. I hate when Jimmy leaves...the first night. But after that, I settle in and enjoy the chick shows! =)


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