Stilettos and Diapers: Happy Birthday to 2!


Happy Birthday to 2!

Today is my little sister, Shelby's 11th birthday and also my sister-in-law Katie's 26th.
Shelby and I are 14 years apart. (From the same parents, too!) Poor thing looks like a mini-me with blond hair. I "caught" her when she was born at home and she was with me, the hubs and my mom when I had Cooper. She gave me ice chips for a long time, until I looked over and saw two feet hanging off the couch...asleep. She was a trooper. She is a little mommy already and is so helpful to me with Cooper every time I am with her. It is neat having siblings so much younger than me. I only hate that she lives across the country so every time I see her, she has grown a foot! (Oh, and now has joined in on the 3 older girls clothing stealing swaps!)
This is us making red velvet cake at Christmas

Us southern gals with our matching John Deere cups.

Katie is a newlywed that had a beautiful wedding last July. She is an elementary teacher in VA, and a pastor's wife. She is absolutely brilliant. If we ever have an argument about who is right...we call Katie. She knows. She also knows what the hubs wore to school on April 2, 1987. She has a steel trap for a brain. She made an absolutely gorgeous bride! Side note, the hubs was a bridesman in her wedding. You can only imagine the grief he gave for that!

Katie and hubby Dustin

The hubs family minus Cooper. (he was sleeping!)


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  1. aww so sweet! what great pictures! happy birthday to your sistas=)!


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