Stilettos and Diapers: Dr. Sears just dubbed me a failure.


Dr. Sears just dubbed me a failure.

According to Dr. Sears my 1 year old should be eating the following each day:

1,000-1,300 calories
3 cups whole milk
3-4 servings of grains
2-3 servings of veggies
2-3 servings of fruit
1 servings legumes
1 serving of meat
3-4 ounces snacks

Right. What planet is he from?

Yesterdays actual menu was this:

Banana and Oatmeal - Good. Breakfast is always good.

2 bites of chicken pasta and veggies
1/100th of an apple
Refused zucchini with parmesan (loved this in the past)
1/2 cup strawberry applesauce

Yobaby yogurt - Score

Refused Shepard's Pie
Refused butternut squash (used to love this, too)
1/8 cup milk
Finally, I gave up. He ate about 1/2 a bag of goldfish. (at least they were the whole grain ones!) The night before was animal crackers for dinner. Lovely.

What am I supposed to do? I have pooped myself out with airplane spoons, and shoving bites in after getting him to laugh. He allows all meat, beans, and most veggies to freely fall out of his mouth. He doesn't even attempt to chew. He has texture issues much like his dad. Ugg. Hubs does not eat "white crap" ie, mayonnaise, cream cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream. He is the pickiest eater in all tarnation. No wait, his child is giving him a run for his money.


  1. At least the fishies were whole grain!! As a side note, I really had no idea that babies eat that much... I should really read up on that so I don't starve my (future) children.

  2. LMAO ... glad I am not the only one with a picky eater in the house! What?!? Fishies aren't one of the food groups? Ha, ha!!

  3. I had the same shocker from my pediatrician not too long ago. Your menu is almost identical to ours. Aiden is not so in to milk. I give him a half a dose of baby multivitamin in his juice to make myself feel better.


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