Stilettos and Diapers: De-funk your Fashion Friday's - My turn!


De-funk your Fashion Friday's - My turn!

I have been de-funked! Sweet Lacey over at Lacey in Love is the hostess of De-funk your Fashion Fridays. This week, she chose me!! (Well, really she asked not too long ago if people wanted de-funking and I said ME, ME!) You don't know how excited I was to see her email telling me to check out my outfit! That is why it is 12:30am and I am writing this while the hubs snoozes next to me. Hehe.

So I am thinking since she went through all this hard work, I better go buy the entire outfit with my Mother's Day loot. Especially the bag. Love it. It looks like I can fit a huge chunk of my house in it, so it is perfect for me.

Stilettos and diapers

Great, huh? Now, go over to Lacey's blog and check out the rest of her De-funks. You will be staying awhile, because she is just that fabulous. She also has a cute boutique for baby goodies on Etsy that you should be visiting too. Now go on!

Thanks so much, Lacey! I love it!


  1. Just recently found your blog I am enjoying it so far.

    Gotta love that bag I am a sucker for large bags though I seldome use them cause the bigger the bag the more "stuff" seems to go in there.

    Take Care

  2. How fun is that!?! That is way cool and now you have a cute new outfit!! I need to sign up for something like this ... I am always up for new ideas!! :o)

  3. Love that ensemble!!!! The shoes rock!


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