Stilettos and Diapers: Swine Flu is here...and I am scared.


Swine Flu is here...and I am scared.

The news of swine flu is running wild! I have to get on a plane with coughing, sneezing people next week before I can get home to my sterile environment. Eek! I want to make a huge poster board to hang around my neck for public appearances in the meantime. It will read:

I know my child is adorable, but not touchable.
Yes, you can see his lips through his passie. This does not mean you have to touch it to admire that fact.
His little cheeks are just begging to be pinched, but you may not.
He is usually barefoot. This does not give you permission to play This Little Piggy.
Those tiny hands flailing around? He is getting enough of your germs from the air, so hands off.

I don't want Swine Flu!


  1. eep, I am fearful of the swine flu also. Just sucks.

  2. I'm scared to death. I travel to NYC all the time and I don't know what to do. Time to pick up some face masks and hand sanitizer.


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