Stilettos and Diapers: Spring Cleaning - Crotchless Panties


Spring Cleaning - Crotchless Panties

I am hurrying this morning (okay it was 11am) through my shower because Cooper is crying in the pack-n-play. I grab out a pair of undies and realize they are crotchless...and not in a good way. Why is it that I have bought Cooper 6 pairs of new jammies in the past month, the hubs got a whole host of new boxers for V-day, and I am still wearing these unmentionables that are barely holding together?

My underwear drawer is interesting. I have the falling apart ones, of course, that I seem to always gravitate towards. Then I have the cute "underbelly" maternity ones that my mom sent me while I was pregnant. They were great then when I couldn't see down there, but I put them on afterwards, and I may as well have never worn them. They are ridiculously low and pointless. Then there is the "butt floss". The ones that when the hubs folds laundry, he ask "how do you fold these" as he squeezes them into a fist and puts them in a pile.

Wow. That is alot of personal info. I am cleaning out the underwear drawer. Why don't you do the same? I bet there are tons of you who spend the money on everyone else but you. When it comes right down to it, you need you some new panties. (Hehe. I think panties is a funny word.) I do have lots of great ones in the bottom of the drawer. I hit up Victoria's Secret Semi Annual sale religiously. I just don't wear them because they are hidden under piles of tattered material and dry rotted elastic. I hate throwing away stuff, so there is my problem. I have cut up the hubs old t-shirts to clean with, so that is useful, but I don't suggest re-use in this case.

Kiss those crotchless panties goodbye.


  1. I am so glad you posted this!! I was just looking through my underwear drawer yesterday and I have TWO pair of acceptable panties. I am wearing grandma panties the rest of the time. I think I am in need of a trip to Victoria's Secret...

  2. I was looking through my underwear drawer, and I realized I still have underwear I bought my FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE. That is wholly unacceptable. :P

    Thanks for encouraging me to toss 'em. I'm notorious for not throwing things away. :)

  3. I so needed to read this post! I read it, then purged my undie drawer. I deserve hole free underpants!

  4. Hee, hee ... I think 'panties' is a funny word, too! I am no longer a fan of VS, now I like American Eagle Aerie ... they hold up way better than VS and usually come in cute styles.
    You have inspired me to do some shopping this weekend!

  5. I have been thinking about this very thing for quite some time. I think I've got undies that I've had for YEARS. And maternity underwear that the elastic is no long stretchy. When IS the next semi-annual sale at Vicky's?

  6. I stock up on boring panties when they're on sale at the big box stores. That makes them so much easier to toss when the time comes. Cute blog! The little boy is yummy. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

  7. I went through mine about 6 months ago because my husband bought me a butt-ton of panties from VS. It sounds sweet, but really, he was trying to push me out of my maternity underwear. Our son is 3 1/2. Man, I loved those ultra-stretchy granny-looking could-be-an-elephant-hat things.


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