Stilettos and Diapers: The power of (rap) music.


The power of (rap) music.

Am I a bad parent for letting my baby listen to rap? But it makes him happy. He stops crying. He has sick rhythm. I am just nurturing a talent, right?

I first noticed this love when we turned his car seat around. I was listening to (ahem) Emenim, Crack a Bottle, and the kid busted a move. He can clap on beat and move his legs like he is break dancing in air. He was happy for the entire drive.

Second test came during the bewitching hour between 5-6pm when all kids are miserable and dinner really wants to be on the table. I plugged in my ipod and turned up the surround sound. He stood at the coffee table bouncing and laughing. Saaaweettt! It was like magic!

Now I play music all the time. So much so that I know his favorite songs are Flo Rida, Right Round and Pitbull, I know you want me. He does a special shimmy for these favs. Cracks me up every time. He also likes Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. His middle name is William so I enjoy telling him "Will-I-Am drop the beat now"!

Do you think his first words will be be a run of rhyming lyrics scattered with bleeps that make no real sense? Honestly, if it keeps him happy, I am fine with that.


  1. Ahahahaha - I say, anything that gets him to laugh and dance is fabulous. Music (hey - as long as it has a beat) helps the brain develop, especially the mathmatical thinking part.

  2. My boys make it rain. Ain't no shame in rap, girl. We have to raise 'em right! I just make sure they listen to the clean versions. :o)

  3. Both my girls love rap. They both really like the beat. I jam in the car, and it keeps them busy. I dont see the harm. Although I do have a 1 year old addicted to the movie hairspray... maybe my opinion shouldnt count on this one!

  4. lol...i think things will be fine :)
    my son (now 9) was the same way...but be prepared, because when he gets older, it will be the one song on the radio that you really aren't too sure about, that he will know all the words to!!!


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