Stilettos and Diapers: Poop on the bed


Poop on the bed

Last night, I asked the hubs to change Cooper's diaper so I could give him a bath. The whole time I cleaned the kitchen, I heard from our room, "Coop, hold still dude. There is poop. You are going to get it on the bed!" He put him in the tub and I went in to do the bathing. Hubs came back in and told me, "I did get some poop on the bed, but it is just a little and I will put some shout on it." I am just thinking...lovely. Its on my side too. Of course it was on the duvet and not the sheets. Oh well, shout works wonders.

Fast forward several hours when we went to bed. It was a little chilly, so I pulled the covers up all snugly around my neck. Just then hubs turns over and whispers "sorry Molls, I forgot to shout out the poop."


  1. Ah man! Aint that a kick in the butt. Poor Momma!!!

  2. Ooooh, no he DIDN'T. That is terrible! Payback time, perhaps?

  3. Haha, aww. Poor girl! At least he apologized! My niece pooped out of her diaper, through her diaper cover & onto my leg today. AWESOME.

  4. At least I am not the only one! My little one peed on my side last week when my hubby was a little too slow with the diaper.


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