Stilettos and Diapers: Finally home and give Cooper a vote!


Finally home and give Cooper a vote!

I am finally home from our LA roadtrip. Yay! There was nothing better than peeling Cooper out of that carseat and promising him an entire day without going anywhere. I am so glad he can now crawl around, because seriously. Hotel floors are disgusting. No, beyond disgusting.

I missed you all. Really. I love reading your post and I am in desperate need of a date with Google Reader. I have a million things I want to tell you, but the massive laundry piles and Easter egg dying await me. I will tell you all about it really soon! In the meantime, we entered Cooper in a cutest baby contest from our local radio station. Follow this link and go vote for him! He is #185 and is the cutest one up there. I checked so you don't even have to. Aren't I nice?

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