Stilettos and Diapers: Bloggy friends? Is that what you are?


Bloggy friends? Is that what you are?

I quite often tell the hubs or my mom about my bloggy friends. I refer to the decorating or shopping tips you give, your hilarious stories or your beautiful kiddos. It is just kindof weird because I talk like we have been BFFs forever. I feel like I know so much about so many of you, and yet, some of you I don't even know your real name or where you live. Weird. What do you refer to your bloggy friends as? Wait, am I the only one that talks about the people online that I live vicariously through?

Today I let out a scream when I realized I lost a follower for the first time. As the Wonder Pets would say, this is serious. That means someone out there doesn't like me. Fine. Whatever. I am just going to sit here in the corner with my laptop, and my hurt feelings, and eat all of Cooper's leftover Birthday cupcakes.

You non-follower should feel bad because tomorrow, not only will I be sad, but I will be fat from cupcakes too.


  1. I talk about my bloggy friends occasionally too. At first, it felt kinda weird, but I think my husband is used to it by now.
    (Sorry about the follower. Save a cupcake for me!)

  2. Aw, don't feel bad about losing a follower.

    Although I would too. I changed my blog quite a bit and I keep waiting for people to unsubscribe too. I would eat all my leftover birthday brownies.

    Oh wait, I already did that.

  3. Aww.. I wish I had a cupcake. It would be delicious. I refer to my bloggy friends as my "friends from the internet". Probably sounds creepy, though. I may just start calling you guys my bloggy friends. It sounds better. My family just rolls their eyes when I start talking about them.

  4. lol, this post cracked me up! I have made so many wonderful bloggy friends since I started blogging!

    As for followers, they come and go, No hard feelings! Keep up the great work, I love your blog!

  5. LOL...Set. The. Cupcakes. Down.

    hehe...goofy girl....

    You know, it's funny...but, I talk about my "bloggy friends" too like I know them! It sometimes even wierds me out! haha...

    But, I think we get to learn a lot about our "friends" here on these blogs....sometimes, people even share more on blogs than they do with their real life friends!

    By the way...your little boy is just about the MOST adorable little punkin pie EVER! Just had to tell you...

    Take care,

  6. I lost a follower for the first time this week too! I just shrugged it off! I figure for every 1 person that doesn't like me 9 do, right? Whatever!

    I used to say, "This blog I read", then it turned into, "My blog friend", now I just nix it all and say, "My friend..." Because quite honestly... I talk to most of you more than I manage to talk to my "real life friends", haha!

  7. Oh girl ... if I were there, I would help you eat those cupcakes! LOL! Only the people who care enough to follow you are worth your time ... don't sweat it! We all love you! :o) Muah!! xoxo

  8. I'm back... because I have good news for you over at my blog! :) Hopefully this makes you feel better & a few less cupcakes will be harmed!

  9. I hate when that happens! You are plugging through life, getting to know all your blogging buddies and then... out of the blue... you lose one! I always question myself at first - was it something I posted? Do they think I am boring? and then I eat something loaded with sugar and feel a whole lot better!

  10. I feel your pain. It kills me too. It's like, "what did I do wrong." Maybe find out who it was and send those cupcakes!

  11. you are too funny with the cupcakes... but I would be the same way (especially since I have so few followers already!)

  12. When I changed my blog name I lost all of my followers and the blogs that I followed. I had to go back through old emails and search for my "friends" via email. I am always thinking positive so maybe that's what happened. If not, it's their loss! You're wonderful my little bloggy FRIEND!


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