Stilettos and Diapers: (Almost) Wordless Wednesday


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

We had a great weekend in Sacramento with some friends. On Saturday us girls (plus Cooper) shopped, had lunch (yummy crepes!) and layed out at the pool. The boys met up with us later for some grilling and Watermelon Mojitos. So delicious, thanks to the fabulous newlywed hostess with the mostess, Maggie.
This was Sunday morning waiting for brunch at a delicious restaurant known for its custard dipped french toast. I loved it. Then again, I love all carbs.

Cooper rockin' his shades. How am I ever going to tell this face no?


  1. Oh my goodness ... he is a doll!! Good luck with the disciplining later ... although they do outgrow their baby cute stages. LOL!

  2. Oh girl... "No" will soon become one of your most commonly used matter how cute he is!(Which he is. WAY. TOO. CUTE!) With 2 nieces and a nephew, "No no" is sadly one of the words that escapes my mouth the most!

  3. Such a cutie! And I'm lovin' your dress!

  4. What a stud.

    Baby boys are the best!


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