Stilettos and Diapers: All free and WIERD! Goodies in my mailbox.


All free and WIERD! Goodies in my mailbox.

So I love getting free stuff. You all should know that by now! I signed up for the free Kashi frozen dinner coupon, Juicy Juice Sippy cup, Dove body wash, Dunkin Donuts Coffee, ect... I never sign up for something with a catch, just the real freebies. I also never remember I signed up for the stuff until it comes in the mail. They always say 6-8 weeks for processing or whatever, so my mind has LONG forgotten it. Then I am surprised and giddy when I get a little package. Hehe.

Today, the hubs brought in a little Dunkin Donuts box and said "you always get free stuff in the mail!". Then there was a small manila envelope with my name on it. I opened it up and inside I found 1 Trojan condom. Not just any condom, the Magnum LARGE size one. Niiice. It also says "Free Sample" in bold yellow on the bottom. How do you think that would go over on a date?

Well, the thing is, I didn't sign up for condoms even though the note said I did. And I was a little embarrassed when I opened it in front of the hubs. He probably doesn't believe me, and neither do you. Oh well. Maybe it is just a sign to not have another baby anytime soon. Hum. At least I am nervy enough to share my happy mail day with you.


  1. Hahaha, so funny!

    Confession: I once dated a guy who thought he needed these. HE. DID. NOT.

  2. Where can I get Dunkin Dounuts coupons?! Do you just visit each site, or is there one Mecca of Coupons? Share the wealth - I heart coupons!


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