Stilettos and Diapers: When the hubs away, the mom goes gray...


When the hubs away, the mom goes gray...

To start, my family has a ridiculous gray hair gene that unfortunately, I have inherited. Ugg. I think this week just gave me a few more to take to my hairdresser.

It was the first time Cooper had really been sick and his first fever. Of course, it had to be a week when the hubs is out of town. He woke up screaming at 6am. I picked him up and knew immediately that he had a fever. My first thought was, "great, I am so prepared and organized that I left the diaper bag in the car so I didn't have to carry it down in the morning and the Tylenol is in there...awesome." I fed Cooper and he actually fell back to sleep, so I put him in the crib to go to the car. I grabbed the monitor and headed out. Once I started walking, I realized I was only wearing a t-shirt. Oops. It was over sized, so there was no booty rocking everywhere, but still, only a shirt. (You really think I am going to sleep in something cute when the hubs is gone? Fat chance. He is lucky if I wear that when he is here!) I got to the car and realized that there are alot of poor people that actually leave for work at 6 am. Just lovely. My neighbors will never see me the same way again. Once I got back in, gave the Tylenol, and put Coop in bed with me, I came to a profound realization.

I need a rent-a-hubs. Wouldn't that be awesome? Whenever he travels, there is someone there to fetch the Tylenol in the middle of the night, change the occasional poopie, take out the trash..ect. You know, all those things I shouldn't have to do. Maybe then I could have gone to the grocery store instead of having the groceries delivered. Or actually gotten the bathrooms cleaned. I could have someone to tell my judgemental American Idol comments to. (You know you do it to.)

Well, the hubs is home now. Hallelujah! I took my first shower in a week without a baby in the bathroom with me. Yippie! I have learned to treasure the time he is here and feel blessed to have this weekend together! We picked some different teams on our basketball brackets so the house will soon be filled with rival jeers. I am so winning.


  1. hoping that cutie is feeling better! when my husband goes out of town, I admittedly high tail it to my mom's with my little man and puppy girl in tow!

  2. Aww, my little guy is just recovering from his cold/flu. It's not fun! I hope Cooper feels better fast!


  3. Isn't it funny how you appreciate a shower once you have kids? I hope you little one feels better soon!


  4. I've inherited a white hair gene from my family too! It's really not fair!
    I hope your little guy is feeling better by now.

  5. What a cute blog! I'm here from the UBP and finding some adorable blogs and sweet women!! I feel your pain with the gray hair...I started seeing my first grays at about age 22....yep...22! But, thankfully...I haven't known the "true" color of my hair since I was 16...haha....

    Best wishes to you and Happy Blogging!


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