Stilettos and Diapers: Ticker Issues


Ticker Issues

I am sad to write this and honestly, kindof embarrassed. The half marathon that I am supposed to be running on Sunday, (yeah, the one I started talking about like 3 months ago) must go on without me. Instead of running, I am going to be getting a chest x-ray and stress test. Awesome. What 24 year old has ticker issues?

I often thought on several occasions while I was running and feeling pretty close to death, "Maybe bodies are not intended to be pushed this hard." What benefit do I get out of running 13 miles? I am beginning to think none. Man. I even bought some really cute yoga pants so I looked adorable crossing the finish line.

I am thinking this is just another sweet post-pregnancy gift, much like the destruction of my one and only thyroid. Why couldn't it have been a gallbladder or appendix? Something that I didn't need. Now I am left having to take meds every morning. Ugg. The worst part is that I can't start drinking the good stuff for an ENTIRE HOUR! (Coffee, that is. Jeeze people, I don't start boozing until noon.)

Well, I am off to lace up my shoes now for a very different reason. I will be running on a treadmill, with wires all over me, in a room full of men over 50 who have never raised their treadmill speed over 2.5. Oh, I will feel right at home. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, I hope it all turns out well for ya. Thats kind of scary! Better eat your morning cheerios (dont those contribute to a healthier heart or something...) Keep us posted!

  2. Yikes! Hope everything works out alright.

  3. hope your ticker will be OK!
    stopping by for a last minute visit from UBP - party on :-)

  4. I guess better to get it checked now than at the finish line right? I guess the yoga pants can be used for yoga, a non heart stressing activity. You are adorable. I am glad UBP brought me your way!!

  5. Let us know how it goes.. I had one and it was not fun to jog topless on a treadmill.

  6. Good luck!

    I couldn't run to save my life. lol

  7. Hope your testing goes well, I could never run a 5k let alone a half marathon. Everyone else in my family does though...

  8. I love you site title!

    Sorry you aren't running in the marathon. I am not that type, but I can imagine your disappointment.

    Hope the tests go well!

  9. Good luck, I hope all is well! Pregnancy does horrible things to our bodies! Why do people do it, ha ha I guess it is worth it in the end! But seriously I am without the gallbladder and appendix and I would take that over the thyroid problem anyday, it just kind of leaves me with no more useless body parts to remove!


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