Stilettos and Diapers: Sister, Sister never knew how much I missed ya!


Sister, Sister never knew how much I missed ya!

You remember that show? Tia and Tamara? Oh, yeah! Well, that isn't what I am writing about. It is because my sister is coming for a visit tomorrow and I am so excited! My big sis, Casey is pregnant with her third baby AND third boy. She is coming from Georgia to get over the shock and dismay that she is not popping out a baby wearing a pink tutu.
Now that we are both grown up and living far away, I started thinking about the slightly cruel things I have done to her over my 24 years.

When Casey was about 12 or so, my little sis and I didn't understand why she was suddenly so private and wouldn't play dress-up with us. One day while she was in the shower, we hid in her closet. We waited until she got out and had been in the room for a couple minutes before we threw open the closet doors and scared her to death, making her drop the towel she was actually still wearing. We rolled on the floor laughing while she yelled for my mom.
Both my sisters and I shared clothes alot growing up. Still do now. It is easier now because if I can get them in my suitcase, they have to come all the way to California to get them. Muah haha. I am the one that takes good care of my clothes and they always throw them on the floor. It drove me crazy that instead of getting my clothes back in the laundry, they were in a pile on the floor. So, I put padlocks on my closet. Served them right. Then my dad found out they were scratching the doors and off they came.

When Casey had been dating Jarrod (her now hubs) for only a couple weeks, she went to England with Dad. While they were gone, we had Jarrod over for dinner. After dinner, I decided to show him all the home videos we had. Casey went through a akward stage around 14ish. Poor thing. It was rough. I felt is was my duty to exploit this to him. What was I thinking?
On one long, grueling, 8 hour trip to see our Grandparents, I got very board. I noticed on the seat belt there is a warning label. Part of that is written in French. Well, I called Casey Porte Bebe for pretty much the entire summer. Nice, huh?

Speaking of name calling, Casey decided to call Cooper Coopie (you know, like poopie?) the whole time I was pregnant and for a couple months after he was born. I retaliated and called her Auntie *unmentionable* for a while. Ok, sometimes I still do. Don't judge. You want your kids name to sound like poop?

I am publicly saying I'm sorry, Case! I am not even going to rub in your face the mean things you did to me. Haha. Aren't I nice? Once she started having kids, I decided I was not going to have any, for fear they wouldn't be as cute as hers. Her boys are precious and I can't wait to see this new little one she is going to have in August. I am determined to be there for this delivery! I missed her first by about 30 seconds!

All that to say, Casey is an amazing mom, business woman, wife, sister and friend. I am so blessed to have her as my sis, and grateful she is giving up her family for a few days to be with me!

Oh, one thing, though, can you please not get sick in my new car?

About a 3 year old picture, but my favorite of us.

Casey and her boys

Adorable nephews!

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  1. Hi Molly, I'm still finding it a challenge to leave a comment! This is my third try! I enjoy reading your blog. Just wish I could let you know that! Blessings to Casey and her third boy! In this "male-bashing" world, raising boys is a sacred calling. Great writing, girl. Blessings, Grace


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