Stilettos and Diapers: Gripin' and Complain'


Gripin' and Complain'

I just wanna know what in the world happened to customer service? I got my new (green!) laptop 6 months ago and have had nothing but trouble with it since then. First off, the webcam doesn't work. Seriously, how am I supposed to upload incredible videos to my blog without a webcam? I have called 4 times, but conveniently they only have record of 2 of them. Each time they fix it, it quits working after a couple days. I cringe every time it quits because I know I have to call and spend up to 2 hours of my sweet life on the phone.
To make matters worse, the display driver quit working over the weekend. (I just found out there was such a thing...don't think I am some computer genius.) The screen flashes black 4 times, barely leaving me time to tell the entire world what I am doing, before the whole thing shuts down. Insert moans, groans, and four letter words.
The poor hubs got the job of calling yesterday. He was on the phone for about 3 hours between yesterday and today before they agreed to send us a "new" refurbished computer. Insert his four letter words, threats to sue and call Michael Dell. He is a New Yorker and studied law, so he knows some pretty impressive terms and is bound to intimidate the average customer service rep. (or anyone else he meets for that matter.)
He didn't go down without a fight, though. He finally got them to send a local serviceman this week to replace the motherboard, webcam, CD drive and USB ports. (oh yeah, because those don't work either) Is there anything left but the green plastic cover? Would it really be that much more to just take this one back and send us a new one?
Gone are the days of the customer always being right. I guess that means gone are the days of me smiling and saying thank you. I do always say "I know its not your fault, but what are you going to do about it? Thanks nice, right?


  1. ugh!!!! the dell people!?!?!?!?!? you are on the phone that long because their english....well lets just say we are not on the same page!!!!!
    good luck with everything!!!!!!

  2. Ugh, that sounds so frustrating!! I hate it when things don't work...especially when they're still new! Hopefully the other one works!!

  3. Man, computer trouble sucks. And why is it that it strikes as soon as you Need to look something up or do something even mildly important? noticed you are looking for good crock pot recipes, what kind?

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  5. That's so frustrating! It seems like nothing works well anymore! I got this fancy new mouse about 2 months ago, and the scrolly thing on it doesn't work anymore. Ugghh.


  6. Hi Molly!
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  7. give this one a look. We have tried a similar one and loved it!

  8. @Sassypants Wifey - Thanks!!

  9. grrr. that stuff makes me crazy. and I am in the market for a webcam--this is good feedback.


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