Stilettos and Diapers: Snuggie



I have seen these snuggies on the infomercials and have always found time to make fun of them. Why can't people just use a blanket? I do. They look ridiculous. I am not sure if they have more resemblance to a monk or a giant oompah loompah. Then there is the walking issue. Do you have to take it off every time you get up, or do you just walk around like a penguin? What if there is an emergency? I am not sure if I would be more worried about getting down the stairs safely, or someone seeing me once I got outside. And my husband...poor guy. I am sure before we were married he never anticipated me wearing sweats, his t-shirts or going an entire day with no make-up. There are so many ways to make yourself less attractive once you are married, why add the snuggie? Now, there is a brand called the slanket...maybe that would be better. It sounds kindof skanky, right? On one of the infomercials, it shows an entire family, each in a snuggie. How nice. You think no one was willing to get up and answer the phone during an episode of American Idol before? They never will now. Maybe I should just pull out my old pound puppy sleeping bag and use it. That would be the same effect. The only difference is I would have to hold it up when I walk around. It would be like a potato sack race. Sweet. Despite the fact that they are hideous, they do seem quite useful. Don't I want to be all toasty while I watch tv? I know, I know. How could I? Wait, I have done it...I want a snuggie.

Doesn't she look happy?


  1. I have had this same inner-conflict myself.....I constantly make fun of these, but oddly find them more and more appealing....

    NO WAY...not happening....It's a backwards robe for goodness sake! .....but, I bet it's super soft......and so cozy-comfy....

    I WANT ONE!!!! ;)

  2. You're totally killing me! My sister was making fun of them the other day and I had to admit that I have something similar. It is hidden away in my closet somewhere. I think mine may have feet holes which would make it even more attractive. Like a giant fleece MC hammer pant suit.


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