Stilettos and Diapers: 2009


Hello...Is my body there? {Best of 2009-Repost}

Original post February 16, 2009
You read that right. Not anybody, my body. Yeah, my body that used to respond to deprivation of all things tasty and ridiculous exercise. No more, I tell you! How can I be running absurd distances, eating pretty darn healthy (valentines exception), constantly be chasing after a very fast crawler, but still not be improving?
I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight, and my clothes fit, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but there is no way I am wearing a bathing suit this year. I've thought, maybe if I get tan enough, it will be better. I ran the idea past my mom to pierce my belly button just as a distraction...I could see her keel over through the phone. Haha. That's my Mom.
I don't want to tell God how to do His job or anything, but seriously, this area could have used some improving. There should be some intense post-baby tightening hormones that work much like a face lift, just further south.
I had a feeling this would happen, and that's why while my Dr. was doing the c-section to deliver my massive child, I was begging him to do a little nip/tuck.
It makes perfect sense.
Shoot, I might have even snuck him a few $20s on his way out. Now I find myself judging the plastic California women a little bit less. I have always liked watching Dr. 90210.
Maybe I should pay him a little visit. Hmmm.
I guess that's something my husband would find out about, huh?
All the men are probably so grossed out right now. Wait, do men read this? At least you moms are agreeing with me...well, I think you are.
Crap, am I the only one in this boat?
Oh, and you poor girls that dream of being mommies; you might be doing some serious reconsideration. So sorry! Oh, well. I know my body will never be perfect, but I do know one thing is for sure . When I lay down with Cooper to put him to bed, I love how he throws his little arm around my neck and squishes his face against mine. While I am waiting for him to fall asleep, I know that I would do anything, give up anything, change anything to be right there.
To be his mom.


The best of 2009 begins.

I know I have been ignoring my poor boo blog. I'm having fun with the in-laws in NY, doing lots of eating and watching out the window for the snow that's coming today! I decided that since my blogiversary is coming up, this week, I should do a little reposting of my very first blogs.
Here ya go!

In my quest to run this half marathon, the "workout music" play list in my ipod is on overload . It is interesting the music that people run to...stuff they generally wouldn't listen to, I think. I suppose everyone needs the upbeat, motivational kind of music. I particularly like the ghetto rap that makes me feel like my feet are in a fight with the pavement. The downfall is that it throws my whole pace off because I start running with the beat, stomping ever so hard with every step. My arms have to get involved too, of course. You are supposed to move them while running, right? Well, probably not as dramatically as I do. I think my run looks more like a dance. A really bad dance. It's a good thing I haven't actually seen it, because I might quit.
One song that I have really enjoyed lately caught my attention the other day. You see, with any song I have the tendency to make up my own words and really, really think they're right. Unfortunately, I can't understand half the things that are said in my running ghetto music. Probably better. When I actually understood some words, I was surprised. "Car and a crib she 'bout to pay 'em both off, and her bills are paid on time...that's why I love her." Wait a minute...I have good credit and I am not late on my bills. That's seriously the requirement for love? I could have had a filthy rich rapper that wrote a hit about his love of my money management?
Oh well, guess I missed that one. Hope my discovery helps some of you single ladies, though!


Santa came early to our house!

Dear Santa is so sweet. He left his his busy little elf's in the North Pole and came to our house last Saturday.
(Don't worry, I won't tell your kids.)
He knew we couldn't fit all Cooper's presents in the suitcase to get home from the Big Apple. I must say, Dear Santa went a little overboard this year. He must have been very excited that Cooper could open the gifts himself.

Hmmm, what's in here?

He wanted everything out of the package before opening the next gift!
Diego backpack for the plane ride. Doesn't he look ready for school? *Tear*

Oh, Santa. What were you thinking? Just because they're electric doesn't mean you can't hear the BEATING.
But I'll listen to the noise for that smile!

Now Santa, I just want a white NY Christmas! Make it happen!

New review blog!

I just started a new review blog. It looks just the same as this one, but for reviews, not my endless chatter. I was just told this morning that I wasn't supposed to do a review I did because of the advertising on my blog. So sorry!
So go follow me there to keep up on reviews and giveaways that I do!


Fashion Friday - Biggest accessory of all.

Since becoming a mom, I have quickly realized that carrying around a child covers up at least 1/3 of your outfit. This just makes your baby a huge accessory. I usually dress Coop up to coordinate with me when we go out for something important. This is what he will be wearing to Christmas Eve church, to go along with my red and black outfit. I just dressed him up for this photo shoot and then immediatly stripped him down.

He had enough, and started walking away!

Outfit Deets:
Plaid Shirt - Children's Place
Vest - Children's Place
Black Cords - Old Navy
Children's Place is like my FAV store for kids. They are affordable, have great sales, and have super cute clothes. Sign up for their mailing list and you will get coupons in the mail, too!

Fashion Friday is brought to you by the fab, Summer.
Le Musings of Moi


Getting in the way

Life is getting in the way of my blogging.
Changing diapers
Christmas shopping
Getting ready for a Christmas party here on Saturday
Watching my reality shows (Well, maybe this shouldn't count)
Playing in the rain with my little man
Grocery shopping
Organizing the garage so I can find the jogger and run.
Sitting by the new fireplace with the hubs and just talking about our day.
Kisses and hugs and snuggles from an almost 20 month old that adores me no matter how much I get upset at him for pulling ornaments off the tree.
These are the things filling my days and nights right now. And I think that's how it is supposed to be.


Fashion Friday - Christmas Party Wear

This Fashion Friday is brought to you right from my closet...literally. Why haven't I thought of this before? Get dressed, snap some pics, and leave. Oh, maybe it was the fact that I couldn't fit my pinkie in my closet before. Just ignore the mess in the background. Soon it will be all pretty and organized, and I just might keep taking pics here! I just have to unpack the rest of the boxes...

This is what I wore for the Mom's Club Christmas Party this week. I had to get all fancied up because I'm on the party planning committee. Sounds important, huh? Not really. It just means that I cooked and made crafty little snow globes until my fingers fell off.

Anyway, I was getting ready and I slipped my shoes on forgetting to take off my snuggly knee high Christmas socks. I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw. I asked the hubs if they could fly. (He usually doesn't like my outfits, so I was prepared for the worst) He said I kindof looked like the legs from the Muppets, but it was festive and he liked it. SERIOUS?! Awwww yeah!

I headed out to the party and quickly realized I was overdressed, and that everyone was glancing down at my feet. One mom said "you look so fashionable!" I think that is code for "you are dressed really funky". There were several moms there that I hadn't met before. One asked me if I was just there to help with crafts. When I told her "no, I'm a mom", she asked if I was a teenager. Mmm, thanks? It's so obvious I don't fit in with the "normal moms" in my mom's club.
Whatevs, I didn't even care. I loved my sparkly, festive, muppetish outfit and I love being a mom.
Moral of the story? Dress to make yourself happy, be comfortable in your skin, and just be you.

Outfit Deets:
Black shiny cropped pants - Old Navy
Red cardigan - Gap Outlet
Skinny black belt - Target
Sequin tank - AJ Wright (bought this like 4 years ago, and found it with the tags still on behind the drawer of my dresser!)
Black booties - Charlotte Russe
Muppet Christmas socks - Walmart day after Christmas last year.
Accessories - NONE! I can't find them. They are in a box somewhere!

On another note, Cooper did get to sit on Santa's lap and get a present at the party. He immediately started screaming when I sat him down, and continued while I took a picture. I think that will be the last of the Santa visits for this year. Poor thing.

Fashion Friday is brought to you by Summer!

Le Musings of Moi


The move (preview)

I'm a busy little bee this weekend! The move is going, and going, but we will finish it up tomorrow! Woot, woot! Just wanted to tell you I haven't forgotten about you and I will be back to read all your wonderful blogs sometime next week!!
In the meantime, here is a little sneak peek of my new place to call home.

{Just a little cheesin with champagne in my cleaning getup}
{The kitchen, which took me forevas to clean!} There's more to come! In the meantime, anyone who wants to come help me decorate is more than welcome!


Cheers to 4 years!

Today is our 4th anniversary, and also our move into the new house day! This afternoon, we will be going to the house with a whole ton of cleaning supplies, to scrub the place down to my liking.

(I'm not sitting on any toilet seat that I haven't personally cloroxed...cause I'm weird like that)

The plan is to put Cooper to sleep in his pack and play and we will eat Chinese take out, pop champagne, and CLEAN! Sounds uber romantic, huh?

The modern gift for the 4th anniversary is appliances. I am a lucky girl given my hubs career choice, so we got each other the Whirlpool Duet front load washer and dryer. I am super excited!

Photo Credit

So you want to see wedding pictures? Get comfy. Well, there actually aren't tons, because everything is packed and this is just what I can find.

Even my wedding day was all about the shoesMy sis putting on my something borrowed, her veil. My something old was the necklace I wore for the ceremony. Me and my sisters are the 9th generation to wear it at our weddings.
I was so excited to run out to the limo in the snow!Our reception was at a hotel that had an indoor courtyard that felt just like outside, minus the freezing and snow. It was all decorated beautifully for Christmas, but I can't find any pics of that!

Our first dance to Keith Urban's Memories of Us

We are both breakfast fanatics, so we decided to have a breakfast buffet reception. We had eggs, all sorts of breakfast meats, blintzes, fruits, pancakes, pastries, crepe and omelet stations, muffins, and breakfast potatoes. And maybe some more stuff that I can't remember. I want to eat it again. Right. Now. It was amazing and exactly what we wanted. It was the perfect blend of a southern, serve yourself wedding, and a northern, 5 course, fancy schmancy wedding.

In our 4 married years, we have lived in 3 states, made 2 cross country moves, and have 1 beautiful baby boy that makes life amazing. I am extremely blessed!

Happy Anniversary, Billy. I love you!


April Showers is having a Giveaway!!

I know I have already posted today, and this is my first time doing 2 in 1 day! When I saw April is giving away blog makeovers, (yes, that is plural) I had to repost! I am oh so in need of a makeover, and not just on my blog, but whatevs.
April Showers Blog Design is having a HUGE giveaway and celebrating her OPEN waiting list that starts January 1st! April not only does blogs - but also invitations, announcements, calendars, cards, business cards, custom illustrations, and so much more! Just by pasting this paragraph on my blog, I'm a winner!

No! Those are mommy's balls!

Some things are said that make people do a double take.

Sometimes, when your windows are open, your neighbors hear things you wish they didn't.

Things that make them wonder "what in the world is going on in that house?"

My only literal balls are some that were decoration for fall, mixed with my cute pumpkins. All of which look like nice throwing balls to an 19 month old.
Resulting in me screaming (with the windows open) "No! Those are Mommy's balls!"

Don'tcha love the one sock?

Link up your Wordful Wednesday at Angies!


Fancy Yancy Christmas Music!

I am a super sucker for Christmas music. Even though I haven't decorated yet, the music is a playin'. When a childhood friend (who happens to be an amazing singer/songwriter, AND have fabulous style) asked for blogs to review her new Christmas CD, I had both hands in the air! She has written for some big deal artists, so you know she is talented.

The songs are a mixture of traditional Christmas carols and contemporary favorites, but all performed in a very fun and modern way. Yancy penned two songs: “Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas” and “Christmastime”. Both are sure to become staples for many Christmas’s to come. The song "The Greatest Gift" is being played on radio across the U.S. My favorite is the Medley track. It is 4 of my favs all upbeat, and they get Cooper dancing around like a fool.

If you are looking for some good Christmas music, go get "Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas"!
You can get it any of these places:

Yancy's Website



This ain't your mommas detergent

When we first moved to California, I decided to change it up with the detergent. I looked around and sniffed alot of different kinds, but made no decisions. I saw a commercial for lavender Downey and I knew instantly that it was THE one. I bought it, started using it, LOVED it.

Fast forward 3 months

My in laws came to visit. My MIL couldn't get over how good the sheets on the bed smelled. I told her what kind of detergent I was using, how she had to get some, and even showed her the bottle.

Fast forward to when she got back home

She calls me while in Target looking for the detergent. She couldn't find it, and wanted me to remind her what the name was. I went and grabbed the bottle so I could tell her. Then, in that moment, I realized my grave error.

I had been washing my laundry in fabric softener for 3 MONTHS.
{Please don't let this make you doubt my awesomeness.}
Totally forgot about this until I bought some the other day to actually use as fabric softener. Hopefully I have gotten better at label reading since then.


Something exciting is a comin'!

I am really excited about an offer I just got. Like you don't even know. If you are super curious, it has something to do with nursery decor. Yep. Go on and check it out. I'll wait.
As you know, I'm moving in 4 days (eek!) and this little somethin, somethin, is going to be JUST the thing to make the nursery perfecto! Keep your eyes peeled!


Black {Fashion} Friday - What not to Wear

I am one of those "crazies" headed out at 4am tomorrow. Are you? Honestly, I don't buy much, but I love the crowds. Its tradition in my family anyway. I have been doing it since I was about 10 with my mom and sisters, and I don't think I'll ever stop!
These things will make your shopping extravaganza much better.

A watch. You gotta keep track of the time so you get everywhere before noon.
Snacks. There is no time for stopping to get food. I repeat. NO TIME. (Starbucks is exempt!) Throw a water bottle, granola bars, trail mix, and CHOCOLATE in your purse. While you are in lines for forevas, you can snack! Keep some extras in the car so you can refill your purse in between stores.
Sunnies. It will be dark when you leave the house, but once the sun comes out and everyone can see the bags under your eyes, you will be ever so grateful for them.
Now on to the fashion. I'm posting FF a day early today to get you girls ready for tomorrow! It will be ever so tempting to roll out of bed, put on your fav sweat suit and tennis shoes and go. BUT, you have other options. Here are my black Friday tips.
It may be cold when you run to the car, but you are going to work up a sweat when you start throwing punches over the last $3 appliance at Target.

Just say no to tennis shoes

They may be comfy, but they are a real pain to get on and off. Go with flats that you can walk all day in. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Leggings are the most comfortable choice, in my opinion. Your pants have to allow you to do the happy dance when you find great deals!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Happy Shopping!

Go see Summer for more Fashion!
Le Musings of Moi


You got questions? I got answers.

You guys asked me tons of questions and I love it! Ready for tons of answers??
Mmmkay. Let's go!

Lindsey @ Mommywonderland asked: What kind of perfume do you own? I'm looking for a new scent and could use some "options?"
My favorite is Kenneth Cole Black. I also still love Clear Water, like 10 years after I started wearing it. Hehe.

Alison @ Brown Eyed Girl asked: Where do you go after you get all dressed up for Fashion Friday???
I usually take Fashion Friday pics on Wednesday or Thursday. Or maybe the weekend before when we went out for dinner or something. Usually though, I am headed to playgroup, Target, or Joann's. You know, the usual. I was dressing all comfy when I first had Cooper, then suddenly I got really tired of never wearing any of my clothes. It isn't much harder to get dressed up, and I just generally feel better when I do. Besides, leggings are just as, if not more, comfortable than sweats!

Ashley @ For the Love of Shoes....and a baby too asked: How did you and your hubs meet?
Lacey at Lacey in Love asked: You & The Hubs... tell us how it all started!
I was 17 and my dad was a children's pastor in FL. There was a couple (Mark and CA) that were going to ministry school and working with him there. CA's brother came from NY to visit them, and they told him they had a girl for him to meet. He joked that he could be my dad, I was underage, robbing the cradle, and on and on. Whatevs. One look at me and he was hooked. Teehehe. That was April 2002, we officially started dating in November, (long distance) he gave me some shiny diamonds in July, then we got married December 3, 2005. Oh, yeah, by then, I was 21.

Sergio @ PorkStar asked: How did you guys come up with the name for the baby?
List and list of crossed out names, X's over every name in the "10,000 Baby Names Book", and arm wrestling. It was literally the ONLY boy name we agreed on, along with one girl name. After we decided, we found out it was a name on my mom's side of the family, so we were really happy. His middle name is the same as the hubs middle name.

Rachel @ The McMommy Diaries asked: What is the update on the thyroid and are you/can you run anymore?
The thyroid is finally back to normal! Whoot! I take meds every day, but I have a whole year on this dose before I have to go back for another check-up! I haven't run regularly since the roid rage. I really want to get back into it, but the timing is just crappy with moving. After next week, my jogger will be out from under a pile of boxes, and we're taking off!

Also, if Alabama goes to the National Championship in Pasadena, we are going, how far away are you? and would you want to meet up? :)
I am about 4 hours away, but...YES, YES, YES!!

Oh... do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
Um, how about multiple favs? Right now it's my black booties. Or new brown boots (that match yours!).
What does Hubs do? He's a sales manager for an appliance company.

Nicoolmama at What a long strange trip it's been asked: What do you do to stay in such great shape or are you one of those people that it comes easily to?
Amber @ A Glimpse into my Thoughts asked: How do you stay adorable and skinny after having a baby? I know that may seem silly but you still look 21 and freaking skinny! I'm SO freaked out to have kids because I'm terrified of losing my body.
Well, girls, lets just say clothes hide alot! Ha! I ran before I was pregnant and until I felt like the baby was going to fall out on the sidewalk. I really believe that helped me get back to my pre-baby body. My hubby and I have been doing P90X and it's amazing. I would MUCH rather work out than watch what I eat, so I really try to work out. My eating habits are non-awesome!

Katy @ Crazy Mommy asked: What is your favorite funny movie?
Old School or more recently, Four Christmas'. Can ya tell I LOVE Vince Vaughn?

Becky @ Becky's Photography asked: I need help putting together an outfit to wear to court for the divorce...What would you suggest? Please take into consideration I have very little curves and cannot afford a suit and don't like to wear pantyhose.
Becky! I love ya. Wear a black dress or black skirt and top. You can totally wear heels without pantyhose, get you some long pearls from Forever 21, and RED lips! Classy, and sexy!
Ashley @ Ashley Amazing asked: What are your go-to shoes when not given the option to wear stilettos? Include pictures!
These were my go to shoes all summer.

All my favs for the winter so far are heels, like these!

I am a southern gal, though, and love me some flip flops! The hubs has 13'' on me so heels are usually my thang!

Angie @ Seven Clown Circus asked: What aspect of motherhood was/is most surprising to you?

The constant need of such a little person! It is a more than a full time job, but more fulfilling than I ever dreamed. I didn't know I had so much love to give!

Jessica @ Mommy Needs Coffee! asked: What are the top few things you can't live with out on the daily basis?
Coffee!! 2-3 cups every morning. My blackberry, NickJr, and mascara.

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours asked: How big of a family would you and hubs like to have?
Given the complete disagreement on baby names, we're screwed if we have more! Kidding. I don't know the answer to that. We thought we wanted 2-3, but are finding ourselves completely content with our 1 right now.

Well, there you have it! Thanks for your fun questions. Love you all!


Fashion Friday - Change it up!

A lady at playgroup last week told me that she only ever sees me in gray and purple anymore. Well, they ARE the HOT colors of the season, purple is my color (according to my daddy), and I am loving both my gray and plum leggings right now. Nonetheless, I am mixing it up.
Boots, how I love you.
I could just stare at you all day.You make me a happy girl.
Yay, me! No grey or purple in this outfit!
Jeans - Levi's
T-shirt - Forever 21
Khaki Sweater - Target
Brown and gold Bangle - Thrifted
Boots - Macy's. Want the story? Mmkay, if you insist.
I searched all over last weekend with my parents for new brown boots with no luck. I was again at the mall on Wednesday and noticed the gigantic crowds and "One Day Sale" signs at Macy's.
(Seriously, people, they ALWAYS have one day sales.)
I went in anyway, and almost instantly spotted these beauties from across the store. I used the stroller as an assault weapon and busted my way through the crowds. When I got over, I realized they were 50% off, so I had to act fast. I dove right into the pile of women on the floor to get my size. Got them I did. Those prim and proper ladies didn't know what hit 'um.
Then there were the lines. Bleh...they went around the whole freakin store! While I was waiting, I saw pretty much everyone had a $10 off coupon, which I DIDN'T have, so I totally should have been able to cut to the front. Oh, well. I'm a happy boot wearin' gal, and I still got a great deal. Did I mention that you can unfold that flap and they are OTK's?? Oh, yeah.
Oh, and I'm wearing those boots tonight when I go with some friends to Carlos Santana's new Mexican Restaurant, Maria Maria. Yummay!
Happy Friday!!

Fashion Friday brought to you by Summer!

Le Musings of Moi


Wordful Wednesday - Beauty Rest and Question Time!

I am FINALLY getting healthy. I can breathe at night, I'm not shivering cold all the time, and my desire to eat chocolate every minute of the day is back badder than ever.
(Badder doesn't feel like it should be a word.)
I think part of the reason I was sick for so long was that I couldn't stop, sleep and watch soap operas all days. Being a mom kindof does that to you. This is the only way for a mom to fight sickness. Yep, what they say is true.
Sleep when the baby sleeps.
{That's my Snuggie, and I'm stickin to it}
Photo credit: The Hubs. He must be catching on to the "my wife blogs and takes pictures of everything, so I should too" thing.
In other news, I'm ready for your questions! Ask anything. Ask everything.
I might even answer them in a vlog. I am itching to do one, but have had my congested, crackly man voice for awhile now. Wouldn't that have been entertaining?

Link up your Wordful Wednesday at Angies!


Use this bathroom, and you'll be sorry.

You know I'm a planner. You know I make list. Lots of list. I like to plan ahead, so as to not be stressed at the last minute. That is why I do things like clean the bathroom 2 days ahead of guest and leave this note on the door:

I had a list the size of Texas of things to do the night before and day my parents got here. My uber relaxed hubs doesn't quite see things the same way I do. He was thoroughly aware of when they got here, but is completely convinced that a person can clean the bathrooms, do laundry, make the beds, dust, vacuum, move all the boxes to the garage and grocery shop in 30 minutes flat.
Yeah, in my dreams.
Now I'd been sick for days so alot of this stuff would normally be done, but hours before they got here, and the entryway to my house looked like this:
{Notice the feetsies chillaxin on the couch}
I know I'm moving, so there are going to be boxes. But I can't take those boxes down 3 flights of stairs to put into the garage.
{Kudos to anyone who notices the "poop sack" as we call it on the floor.}
As I cleaned the guest bathtub with a toothbrush, (because its my MOM, goddess of all things clean) the hubs calls out, "why don't you just come sit and watch this show with me?"
I guess what they say is true. Opposites attract. Sometimes opposites make you blow steam out your ears somethin fierce.

Good thing I can do A TON of cleaning when extremely slightly irritated.

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