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What Molly Wore: Fall Style

Instastyle coming right at you! I haven't been wearing much exciting stuff since having Lincoln, but there sure is a lot of cozy in this round up!

Dress: Molly Suzanne | Booties: old, similar

Leggings: Target | Tunic: J. Jill

Dress: Pink Blush | Chambray: Forever 21 | Booties: sold out, similar 

Sweatshirt : J. Jill | Leggings: J. Jill (my fave and on sale!) | Carrier: Baby Bjorn One

Shirt: J. Jill | Vest: Avery Lane Boutique | Booties: Rack Room | Scarf: Molly Suzanne

Tee: Blanqi | Joggers: Target (mine are little girls, but they have some very similar in women's)

Tee: Target | Leggings: J. Jill (favorite again!) | Chambray: Forever 21 | Boots: Hunter | Sunnies: Target

My family is all on their way here right now and I'm so excited! I need to be cleaning and making more beds but I don't mind the long nursing sessions that make me sit and allow me to one hand type. I just blew through Target along with all the other last minute crazies and will soon be cooking up a storm. Lots of southern goodness is on our menu, finishing with my MIL's NY cheesecake. Good thing we're running a turkey trot 5k in the morning before all the food goes down! 

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for y'all reading my blog and for this fun outlet of mine! 


How To Use Target Cartwheel App

Do you guys use Target's Cartwheel app? I am seriously obsessed with it and use it every single time I go to the store. Currently, my savings are at $541.11 (up $130 in 2 months!) and that is without a couple big ticket items ringing up properly. For example, I saved $45 on a deck box, but that isn't even reflected! 
How to use Target Cartwheel, Target coupons

I really love saving money. Sometimes, that means buying unnecessary things, which I'm really trying hard not to do. At the end of the day, that's not saving at all. So I feel like if I do a little planning ahead, I can avoid buying all the sale items and just the ones that will actually be put to good use. Cartwheel is just such an easy way to save a lot and I think everyone should use it! Getting into the Christmas shopping time, I wanted to tell you some tips for using the app that help me.

First step: Before I leave the house, I search the offers by discount. Using the 3 line drop down menu on the left, select offers. It will automatically be on all offers, so when you slide the screen back over to the left, you can sort at the top by discount. There you will see all the things that are the most discounted at the top. 

How to use Target Cartwheel, save money at Target

I love starting that way so I can see if there are food items that I would normally buy generic of, Christmas gifts, or just something fun I want to try! Some favorite current offers are 25% Hefty trash bags, 20% Simply Orange juice, 25% off Philadelphia cream cheese, 30% off jeans for the whole family, 25% off C9 tops and sports bras. Through Christmas, Cartwheel has a 50% off coupon every day for a different toy. I've been checking every morning to see if the toy is on any of my shopping lists. I already got one thing that was $30 for $15. Can't beat it! I like Luna bars for on the go eating and got several boxes for 50% off last week. 

Once I'm at the store, I follow my list and use the scanner to scan items as I put them in my cart. Most of the times, I can get 5% or so off my regularly purchased items, like paper plates, or anything market pantry brand. The more you save, the more spaces you have to add more coupons. Now I have a lot of spaces open, I leave several 5-10% coupons on there, so I'm saving a couple bucks every time without even trying. It isn't much, but it sure does add up! Pair that with my 5% red card and it's a really good savings! I'd like to think I'm a good couponer, but I'm really not. I will occasionally clip them and usually forget them. It's just a lot to keep up with when you're shopping with little ones! This app is easy and a good way for me to cut down on the Target bill! 

Hope these little tips help you save some money on your next Target trip! 

Oh and by the way, as much as I wish Target was paying me for this post, they're not. I'm just talking about what I love. Ha! 
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