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Fall Comfort {Fashion}

Congrats to Erin (volley 2301) for winning last week's giveaway from Evelyn's Shoppe! Don't worry if you didn't win, though. You can use the code EVELYNSSHOPPE20 for 20% off your entire purchase today only! 

Today's look is perfect for our recent crispy weather, which has been quite nice. I didn't think I was really ready for fall, but you can't beat a cool night without those pesky summer bugs. This outfit could probably be called slob chic. It's a bit of a momiform without being too yoga pants and tennis shoes. I was itching to wear these new boots and this comfy get-up was perfect for my crazy week. 
 photo 8a406450-a226-49dd-8caf-07a1c3678816_zps0d727628.jpg  Stilettos and Diapers: Over the knee boots, grey skinnies Stilettos and Diapers: Over the knee boots, grey skinnies Stilettos and Diapers: Over the knee boots, grey skinnies Stilettos and Diapers: Over the knee boots, grey skinnies
 photo 77eb26e5-79d9-4315-8e96-bdb9fa59d38d_zps2873afce.jpg
Cardigan | Boots c/o | Skinnies: old, similar | Bracelet | Necklace c/o
Last week ended with landscapers, who were fixing some drainage issues in our yard, cutting our internet/cable/phone lines. 2 days without that stuff made me realize just how dependent I am on my technology! Cooper also came down with bilateral pink eye, which kept us in our cable and internet-less house Thursday and Friday. My back had been hurting me a ton over the weekend and I now find myself on a heating pad and not being able to move much. I finally caved and called my back surgeon for some cortisone shots. Hopefully after I get them today, I'll be on the med to start packing for our trip to Florida later this week! 

Have you seen mine and Cooper's little commercial? Check it out along with ways to keep healthy while your busy!


I'm Ready to Make Magic

Several months ago, this was on the Huffington Post titled "I'm done making my kids childhood magical". It's a great, thought provoking post about the excessive ways we are trying to keep our kids happy. Back when I read it, I had all these thoughts about the need to scale back. To stop "trying" so hard. I have thought about that post several times over the past few months and with the start of school, have formed some of my own conclusions. 

I actually want my kids childhood to be magical. I know it will be, simply because they're children without worry. But, why not make it more so, if I can? Why not take an extra 2 minutes and stick the contents of my child's lunch into several easter eggs? Why not go over the top with decorating for his birthday party, if that's something I love doing? Why not take them to Disney World to see that amazement in his 6 year old eyes, wether he'll remember it or not? 

I know that with the evolution of social media and Pinterest, it's so very easy to get caught up in the race of motherhood. But, I've also seen so many post and pictures that just make me happy. That make me be able to do simple things to make my child smile. 

If I did none of them, would my children's childhood be void of magic? No. Not at all. 

But if I am able to do them, will they always look back on their childhood with fond memories of little things that show my love? I sure hope so.

Our parents sent us straight outside to play alone, where we could let our imaginations run wild. I can't do that. My children are growing up in a different world than I did. A world that has it's positives and negatives. Do I make them go to the play room alone and take breaks from electronics? You better believe it. But you also better believe that I'm taking advantage of Mr. Pencil teaching my 2 year old to write his letters on the iPad. 

I started thinking about what if these same "non magical" rules were applied to our lives as parents? That I should simply enjoy the magic of life instead of trying to create it? What if I was told there should be no DVR watching while ironing, that I should go back to only using cookbooks instead of the internet, or that sitting on my back porch is just as unicorn glitter as a balcony in Maui? 

Why should we ignore the inspiration of others and the advancement of the times simply to avoid going overboard? 

I think there's a happy balance between adding a little extra to life and stressing yourself out. Do I think it's too much to go completely over the top for birthdays and a couple holidays every year? Nope. I won't be creating "pin worthy" lunches on a daily basis, but if I see a quick idea for making a plain old Monday lunch more fun, I'm probably going to do it. And if I have a good idea that I think you'll like, I'm going to share it. 

We don't have to create magic for our children, but I'm choosing to.

Making Childhood Magical

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