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Complete Boys Gift Guide! (Ages 1-3, 4-6, 7-10)

It's that gift guide again! Today, I'm talking all about the gifts boys want! Instead of making this a long drawn out thing, I'm including 3 guides in this one post for my boys ages. Some of the stuff overlaps between my 2 big boys, but I only added things that I think both ages will really love! 

(All the photos are clickable or you can get more info below each guide)
1-3 years old

Abacus - I LOVE these and they're great for hand eye coordination as well as learning to count. 

Gro to Pro Triple Hit Baseball - If my youngest loves baseball as much as much as my big boys, this will be a great way for him to start learning the game. 

Potty Training Book - Diaper days can't be over soon enough, right? This is a great board book to get them ready. 

Stroll 'N Trike - This is a great gift to last awhile. You can strap in a smaller child for the ride, the transition to steering, learning to pedal, then a classic trike. 

Little People Wheelies - Little people are so darn cute and the wheelies are perfect for little hands. This one is pretty cute, too

Mickey and Minnie Duplo - How classic is Duplo? Combine that with the love of Mickey and you have a perfect present! 

Mega Bloks Racing Rig - The regular Mega Bloks are great, too, but my little man especially loves the cars!

4-6 years old

Lego Junior - Same Lego pieces as the normal ones, but these sets are easier to build and 4-6 year olds can do it themselves. Once they outgrow the easy stuff, just mix them in with your other pieces. 

Little Tykes Drone - This one is great, especially if they have big siblings who have drones on their list! If they're on the older end of this age group, I may go right up to the bigger drone, though. 

Bike Helmet - If it looks super cool, I promise you'll have less arguing about wearing it! 

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage - I think most boys love cars so in my opinion, you can't really go wrong with Hot Wheels. 

Art Set - We blow through crayons and markers, so it's a no brainer that art supplies arrive for Christmas around here. 

Yeti In My Spaghetti - We don't have this game...yet. But it's the most requested item from my 5 year old this year! 

Imaginext - Both of my boys have loved these and they make a great "big gift". The people are interchangeable and will work on any Imaginext. I love the batcave one, too. 

7-10 years old

Monopoly Here and Now - We got this game last Christmas and it's a really fun one for the whole family. 

Baseball Bases - What's better than a game of backyard baseball? One with an official base path! The Hubs actually measured and put these in our backyard at the appropriate distance. My boys love playing baseball or kickball on them. 

Razor Scooter - These things are all the rage in our neighborhood. The kids race all over the streets on them and my 5 year old has asked for this as well. 

Springfree Trampoline - This has literally been the best gift ever, for our whole family. I love the Springfree Trampoline and it's made for so much more outdoor play this year. Add in the Tgoma system and they're doing math, spelling and games while exercising! You also don't have to fret about safety with this one! 

Drone - This one is under $100 and I saw it recommended as best bang for your buck. I don't know exactly why drones are so popular, as I imagine it will end up on my roof, but they're at the top of 2 of my boys wish lists. This drone also looks like a great option.

Nerf Gun - I used to be against Nerf Guns, but seeing just how much fun a battle between boys can be, I totally gave in. And I may have joined in on several wars! 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Set - Reading isn't something I have to push around here. My boys love to read and this set is a favorite of my 8 year old. 

I sure hope that help's those of you who are boy shopping this year! I think they are easier than girls, but maybe it's just because I'm in boy world over here! 


Our Charlotte, NC Staycation

Have you ever taken a weekend to be a total tourist in your own city? This past weekend, we did just that and it was a blast. 

We kicked off the weekend with a Friday check-in at the Charlotte Marriott City Center. This hotel has been completely renovated and is amazingly gorgeous. 
Charlotte Marriott City Center, Suite DIning area

Charlotte Marriott City Center, Suite Bedroom

Charlotte Marriott City Center, Suite Kitchen

Charlotte Marriott City Center, Suite Bedroom

We got settled and ventured out for dinner and walking around to see Christmas lights. But first...let me take a selfie.
Charlotte Marriott City Center
Sweater | Jeans | Boots: last year, similar splurge or save

We've been here 3 years and I honestly don't think we've seen the city all decorated at Christmastime. The streets were lined with wreaths and bows and there were beautiful trees and decorations all over. 
Charlotte, NC at Christmastime
Well, it happened to be a pretty cold night (for North Carolina!) and the boys were chilly, so we came back to the hotel. Which turned out to be pretty freaking fantastic. 

We made our way through the lobby, sampled some wine, then ordered a 1 lb donut. Yes, 1 whole pound! It's the Stoke restaurant specialty, but we asked to bring it to the room since it was almost bedtime. 
Charlotte Marriott City Center, Wine Bar, Stoke
While we waited, we discovered the M Club Lounge. The boys spotted a candy bar and food, I grabbed a cocktail menu and we decided to ignore bedtime!
Charlotte Marriott City Center, M Club Lounge
Ever have a cocktail in a french press? We each ordered a different one so we could share and they were both yummy and totally different than cocktails I normally make. I want to try doing this at home sometime! 
Charlotte Marriott City Center, French Press cocktails
But then the donut came. It was quite possibly the most delicious dessert I've ever eaten! It was piping hot and came with sweet cream and heath pieces on the side. These boys were super excited about being out after bedtime, while eating dessert. 
Charlotte Marriott City Center, Stoke 1lb donut

Back at the room, we got them set in the "boys only" room to watch a Christmas movie. The Hubs and I sipped wine and polished off that donut! (Notice all the things in the bedside table? I let the big boys pack their own suitcase and they set all their "essentials" up right when we got there!)
Charlotte Marriott City Center, Suite Bedroom

The next morning was our Anniversary! 11 years and I couldn't think of a better group of boys to spend it with.
Romare Bearden Park Charlotte, NC

We walked to Romare Bearden Park, where the boys ran wild. They have Charlotte Christmas Market set up there, which is like a German Christkindlmarkt. It reminded me of one we shopped at in NYC a few years ago, too! 
Romare Bearden Park Charlotte, NC

Romare Bearden Park Charlotte, NC
Romare Bearden Park Charlotte, NC
Romare Bearden Park Charlotte, NC
After we had enough of the chill, we headed back for coffee at Coco and the Director. The coffee is fantastic and the atmosphere is so fun. It really lends itself to creativity and even has areas you can reserve for a group to brainstorm. 
Coco and the Director Marriott Charlotte City Center

Coco and the Director Marriott Charlotte City Center

Coco and the Director Marriott Charlotte City Center

After driving around a bit, we brought the boys home to the sitter and headed back out for our Anniversary dinner at Block and Grinder. Beef is their specialty and since we're both filet lovers, we decided to try it out. I'm giving it a 10 out of 10! We even went crazy and tried a new wine. 11 years is worth celebrating! 
Block and Grinder Lake Norman
Our boys keep talking about how much fun it was to go on a "staycation". I know usually that means literally staying home, but it was so much fun to go exploring. And there isn't much more enjoyable for me than to be at a hotel, with no laundry sitting around me, no chores to do and no distractions. 

If you only have a night to get away, don't waste your time driving. See what your city has to offer! And if you're visiting Charlotte, you now know where to stay and eat! 

Have you ever done a "staycation" in your city? 
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