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(10th Anniversary) Wedding Invitations with Minted

Do you ever think about having another wedding? My wedding was 10 years ago this year and while I loved our wedding, there are so many things I would love to do if I got to do it again! 

We've been talking about having a 10 year Anniversary party this year and I'm so excited just looking at things and thinking about some plans. 

Outside of looking at the gorgeous dresses I would like to wear, the other thing I may find myself looking at from time to time, is invitations. I've already scoured Minted, looking at some of their gorgeous invitations. With 100 new designs, they have a TON to choose from.
These are some of my favorites:

If you have invitation needs coming up in the near future, check out Minted! I will be shopping with them for baby #3's newborn announcements, too. That is as long as I get my act together and order them before Christmas cards. Hehe. 


Friday Favorites: Pregnancy Essentials

Currently, I'm 19 weeks pregnant with #3. I've had some things in my previous pregnancies that I considered necessary, and even more of them now. There's also a ton of new stuff since I was pregnant 4 years ago. These are some of my current must haves. 

Bump Nest - I cannot sing the praises of this pregnancy pillow enough. I was having a terrible time getting comfortable early in the pregnancy and waking up multiple times a night. The first night I used the BumpNest, I woke up in the morning to the hubs telling me I was snoring! Not usually something I do, but a sure sign of a good night's sleep for me! It curves so you have front, back and head support all in one. I don't even use a regular pillow anymore and it alleviates my fear of rolling onto my back while I'm asleep. I was a little concerned about how much space it would take up, since we have a queen sized bed and a 6'3" hubby, but it doesn't take up any more space than my body and regular pillow that I used before. I also stay put at night, which gives the hubs more space without me flailing into him. 

basq Products - My favorite being the Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil. Y'all, it feels dreamy. I haven't had the normal itchy skin that I usually have while pregnant since I've been using it. It's 100% botanical oils that help prevent and and repair stretch marks. I put it on right after a shower while my pores are open and let it soak in before getting dressed. I do have a few light stretch marks from Callan, so I'm going to try their Vanishing Stretch Mark Serum post baby. Celebrities rave about these products and now I see why!

Amazon Prime - I'm not really sure how I'd have anything in my house without my beloved Prime. Lately, I've gotten baseball equipment, Easter gifts, deodorant, face cream and an acrylic cosmetic container for my bathroom. Everything comes to my door in 2 days, well before this very tired mom could get to the store. It's totally worth the yearly membership, (especially around the holidays!) and comes with video streaming and kindle books. Can't beat it! I think I may try Amazon grocery, too, getting closer to when the baby is born. I can't imagine trying to shop with 3 children...
Crunchy Mamas about to Pop! - I've been putting this on every night, to help keep my skin moisturized. It's a funky green color, that I was warned can get on your clothing, so that's why I do it at night. I love the push-up stick and how easily it applies. I still feel like my belly is soft and moisturized when I wake up the next morning. I also have their honey-lemon lip balm and baby lotion stick which are awesome, as well. Yes, I know I should save the baby lotion for the actual baby, but I like it too much! 
Glass Camelbak - I don't know how you are when pregnant, but I'm super sensitive to smells and tastes. I went from a plastic Camelbak to this one right when I found out I was pregnant and this one is SO much better. It doesn't have a weird taste like I get in a plastic cup and glass is supposed to be healthier anyway. I carry it everywhere, trying to drink the vast amounts of water we're supposed to have! 

I'm sure this list will grow as my belly does, but for now, these are my faves! What are your pregnancy essentials? Any products I should try? 
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