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C-section vs VBAC

Having had Cooper via c-section, after 39 hours of unsuccessful labor, I just always thought I'd have the rest of my babies that way. After all, I have a really tall husband who was 11-something-lbs at birth, so I figured I'd always have babies too big to get out of me. 

When Callan was born, I went into labor 3 days before my scheduled c-section. It was a total shock to me and I was unprepared. I was so late with Cooper that I just assumed it would be the same the second time around. After just a few hours of contractions, we went to the hospital and I had a repeat c-section then. I didn't even think at the time to have the Doctor check how far along I was or think about the potential of a natural birth. 

Fast forward to this third pregnancy and everything has been different. It's been a very easy pregnancy, my first one without some sort of bed rest, about 20lbs less weight gain and a much smaller baby, according to ultrasound measurements. All that and I've literally done nothing different. 

My desire to have a natural birth has grown like crazy. Part of it, is that I've always been fascinated with the birth process. I interned with a midwife before nursing school and was trained as a Doula. I thought I'd have these amazing, natural births and pretty much just gave up on that after Cooper was born. The other part, is that I know how c-sections go. When Cooper's heart rate dropped and it was a bit essential, I was all about it. I was so surprised when Callan decided to come early, that I was all about it then, too. Now, I'm freaking myself out about the surgery itself and the recovery time. It's challenging when you have enough time to think and prep to go under the knife. I would love a shorter recovery and to skip the risks involved in a surgery. I know there are risks to VBAC's as well, but since I'll be in the hospital anyway, I feel pretty comforted that everything would be okay. I'm a good VBAC candidate with the amount of time between babies and how I've healed. 

My Doctor has told me that if I go into labor on my own and if I'm far enough along once I get to the hospital, that I can try to deliver naturally. That has been my prayer now for the past couple of months. With just 2 days to go, I'm getting a little antsy, hoping something happens really soon. I've been walking, swimming and boating, so I'm hoping that helps some. 

At the end of the day, I want a healthy baby and delivery, regardless of how that happens. But my preference would absolutely be a natural delivery. 

Have any of you had VBAC's? Any c-section pros have experiences that may help calm my jitters? I'd love to hear your stories! 


Easy School Lunches (For Picky Eaters)

Today is my second post in a fun Back To School series collaboration with CVS. Make sure you check out the first one here
Easy School Lunches, Simple Lunches to Pack via Stilettos and Diapers #CVSBackToSchool

I have a picky eater. He doesn't like melted cheese, sandwich crust, anything touching something else, most deli meat, 95% of the granola bars he's tasted, and much more. He does, however, like almost all fruits and vegetables and is a pretty healthy eater. The struggle here, is making school lunches that don't take an hour to get together. I posted about my Pick Your Own School Lunches, which are great for us. Sometimes, when I don't have the baskets ready, I want to make him a lunch, or we just don't have time for him to be picking, I have some staples that I go to. Here are some examples I packed the first week of school. 
School Lunch Ideas: DIY Lunchable

DIY Lunchables:

The turkey, cheese and cracker ones are easy to put together and easy to replicate. I add in some veggies or fruit and a little drink yogurt to boost the protein. My kids only like thin sliced turkey, (honey maple Applegate to be exact) so it's easier to roll it instead of cutting. 
DIY Lunchable

Sandwiches Shapes:

No, I don't have time for food art, but a good sandwich cutter is sometimes the difference in eating or not. It takes less time than to cut the crust off, which is the only way most kids I know will eat a sandwich, and for some reason, a dinosaur tastes better than a square. 
Sandwich shapes

Picnic Lunch:

In the summer, we often sit outside with a big variety of fruits, veggies, cheese cubes, nuts and crackers and eat up. This makes a great school lunch as well and I use silicone muffin cups to keep everything separated. 
Easy School Lunch, Picnic lunch

Thermos Meals:

This one is new to us last year, but worked great, especially in the winter. Soup, mac-n-cheese and leftover taco meat to eat with tortilla chips all work great in a thermos. 

I used all these Gold Emblem Abound products in last week's school lunches. I love that I can trust that the line is made from simple ingredients, with no artificial preservatives or flavors. It's also great that I can grab them quickly from CVS and that my really kids love them! A favorite is the mixed fruit crisps, which are not just great for lunches, but snacking or satisfying a sweet tooth. I'm so glad my kids will eat the raw almonds since they're such a great source of protein. I love keeping this handy resealable bag in the car, too, since there is always someone who is hungry. Including me! 
Easy School Lunch with Gold Emblem Abound Products, #CVSBackToSchool

Lunch packing essentials: 

Sometimes, lunch packing is more about presentation than anything else. My 2nd grader refuses sandwiches, but if it's a fluffer nutter cut into a dinosaur, it gets eaten for some reason. Here are some of my favorite things to use for lunches. 

Toothpicks: The ones with the colorful ends are especially fun. Try making little kabobs, sticking through turkey and cheese, or veggies for added interest. 

Silicone Muffin Cups: These add color and keep everything separated. Just make sure to tell your kids that they aren't disposable! 

Sandwich Cutters: These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and usually make one sandwich into 2 shapes. 

Fun Boxes: These don't have to be fancy. The blue one seen above was $1 and has Avengers on the lid.

Hope these tips help you with the ever daunting task of school lunch packing and that you get to CVS to try some products from the fantastic Gold Emblem Abound line! 

Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the Back to School Healthy Essentials campaign. I am being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers. 

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