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DIY Built-in Floating Shelves

We've been wanting to do something with the spaces beside our fireplace since we moved in over a year ago and finally bit the bullet with these easy, DIY floating shelves. 
DIY Built in floating shelves
Y'all I'm SO proud of how these turned out! We are not "handy" people, don't own tons of tools, but this project looks so good that I feel like I could build my own house now. Haha. 
DIY Built in floating shelves

I'll give you the run down on how we went about building the shelves. Forgive the crappy progress pictures. We did a lot in the evening and it was hard to get a good shot! 

Here are the items we used:

Shelves: 3/4" maple plywood, in desired size. 
Supports: 1x2" boards (but would have used 1x3" boards if we did it again)
Bottoms: 1/4" maple plywood, same size as shelf
Faces: 1x4" boards (which we cut to length with our jigsaw)
Sand paper
Stain: we used Rust-oleum in the color "Kona" 
2" wood screws
1" wood screws
Wood glue
Dark small wood screws

Now, we don't own a big powerful saw. The most exciting thing we have is a jigsaw and that will not work for these big pieces. So, I got all the wood at Lowe's and had the guys cut the shelves and bottoms to size for me. They charge $0.25 per cut after 2 cuts, I believe, so it's totally worth it to let them do it. 
DIY Built in floating shelves

First thing we did, was build the supports. You'll need support on the back, as well as the sides, if applicable. You can make these completely floating, being attached only on the back, but I probably wouldn't make them more than a couple feet long and maybe a foot deep if you do that. We cut the support pieces ourselves with a jigsaw.
DIY Built in floating shelves
Then simply attached them with wood screws to make the "U" shape frame. 
DIY Built in floating shelves

We wanted a distressed look to our shelves, so we went at the wood with golf clubs, hoes and hammers to beat them up a bit. We made sure to sand down any really uneven pieces we created, then wiped them all off before staining.

DIY Built in floating shelves
I couldn't participate in the staining part, since I'm pregnant and the fumes were so strong, but the hubs did a great job. 
DIY Built in floating shelves
The stain turned out beautiful, I think. The hubs used a brush on the shelves and ended up using a rag on the fronts. He says he wishes he had just used the rag on all of it, because it went on a bit thinner. You don't need to distress the bottoms, but they do need to be stained. 
DIY Built in floating shelves
Once the stain is dry, you'll need a coat of polyurethane. We used a spray kind that's easy to apply. After that is dry it's time to hang! Now the reason I didn't mention staining the supports, is because it's unnecessary. When we started, we thought we would just do shelves and not box them in, then changed our minds. (That's why I say use wider support pieces, too.) Make sure your "U" shape frame is level all around and screw into the studs, using 2" wood screws. 
DIY Built in floating shelves
DIY Built in floating shelves
Here, you'll see what we did and what I recommend. We ended up with the 1x2", then another little 1" spacer to make it deep enough for the "box" of the shelf. Now, I would just get a 1x3" and be done with it! 
DIY Built in floating shelves
When you're done hanging all the supports, put the shelves on top and screw into the supports with 2" wood screws. Next is the bottom, using 1" wood screws. Lastly, using wood glue and brads, install the faces. Now, we knew going in that our walls weren't exactly square. (Thanks, builder!) Because of this, we waited to cut the fronts until everything else was installed. We knew about how long we needed, but we wanted to make sure they fit perfectly to the edge. We used the jigsaw to cut those pieces to size before staining them.  
DIY Built in floating shelves
And here is the finished product!
DIY Built in floating shelves
DIY Built in floating shelves
DIY Built in floating shelves
DIY Built in floating shelves
We finished just in time to put out some Easter decor! 
Easter Mantel Decor
Easter Mantel Decor
I got pretty much all of the decorations for the shelves from Hobby Lobby. 

DIY Built in floating shelves
DIY Built in floating shelves
Our total was about $200 for all the wood, stain, polyurethane, screws, etc. Our shelves are 44" wide by 21" deep, so if you're filling a smaller space, it would be cheaper. Regardless, our builder wanted $1,500.00 for built-ins that looked dated to me. I'm really happy with our $200 version and am so proud of us for doing the work! 


Fashion // Rainy Day Wear

Stilettos and Diapers: J. Jill Anorak, 16 weeks pregnant Stilettos and Diapers: J. Jill Anorak, 16 weeks pregnant Stilettos and Diapers: J. Jill Anorak, 16 weeks pregnant Stilettos and Diapers: J. Jill Anorak, 16 weeks pregnant Stilettos and Diapers: J. Jill Anorak, 16 weeks pregnant

When it's raining out, I always feel like there's this huge dilemma as to what I'm going to wear. Especially when it's warm-ish and I don't want all the bundles. On top of all of that, I'd say about 50% of my tops fit and about 25% of my pants. Soooo, that's an issue. I love this lightweight anorak that I got from J. Jill's new Spring Collection. It has the little cinch at the waist that gives me a little shape, even when I don't have a lot of shape these days! The hood keeps the rain off of my 5 day old freshly curled hair while those comfy sneaks are easy on and off for errand running. 

I'm 16 weeks pregnant now! I think I'll add in a little weekly update from here on out, to keep track of my progress. The time is really flying for me. It's been about 2 weeks of actually feeling good. I'm over the toilet hugging and constant queasiness, just still really tired. 

How Far Along: 16 weeks
Size of baby: 4.6" about an avocado
Total Weight Gain: 7lbs 
Maternity Clothes: A mix of maternity and regular.
Gender: We find out April 7. I'm not counting the days or anything...
Movement: Maybe? Or maybe that was gas. But I think I've felt some flutters. 
Sleep: OMG. I got a BumpNest pillow and it's changed my sleeping life. 
What I miss: Running without sounding like I'm dying. Also, whenever we go out on the lake, I really want a beer. I think O'douls is in my future. 
Cravings: Not much now. I'm over the Sour Patch Kids and am really trying to eat healthier! I can demolish veggies and hummus right now. 
Symptoms: Tired and wicked headaches. I say overall pretty good, though. 
What I’m looking forward to: Snuggling my wee one! 

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