Stilettos and Diapers


Middle Child Syndrome

Middle child syndrome. It's a thing, y'all. I know it's real because I am a middle child. Well, I was for 14 years before my parents had more kids. Anyway, being stuck in the middle of 2 children has it's ups and downs. The downs are bigger, in my opinion, and it's worse when it's all the same gender. The firstborn can do all the big kid things and is the chosen one who can do no wrong. The baby is just that, babied and has a way of getting any and everything they want. The middle is, well, stuck in the middle.

This is why I may have a soft spot for this guy. 

I don't have a favorite child, but I feel like he needs my attention just a little bit more than the others. So when he gets a new FabKids outfit in the mail and is ready for his photo shoot "just like mommy", then we do it! 

This wild, tester of my patience will always own that soft spot in my heart. Even when he throws himself on the floor in a fit over putting on shoes. Wearing shoes in public is over rated anyway. 

Sickies and Shopping

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with my family! Since Thanksgiving, I've had one child throwing up, one child with a 101 fever and a really fussy baby. It's going to be pajamas around here. The only upside is CYBER MONDAY! I literally have 4 more gifts to buy and I'm about to knock them out with my cup of coffee in hand and Paw Patrol in the background. 

Some of my favorite stores are having great sales you don't want to miss!

Forever 21: 21% off when you spend $21 or more and free shipping with code CYBER21

Gap / Old Navy / Banana Republic : 40% off site wide with code BESTCYBER (They never don't have exclusions, so I'm really excited about these!)

J. Jill: 30% off + free shipping with code FREESHIP

Target: 15% off all day with CYBER15

Rack Room Shoes: 20% off + BOGO 50% off + free shipping with code WEBDEAL

Express: 50% off site wide, no code needed

Macy's: Tons of doorbuster, 20% off with code CYBER, free shipping over $25

My boutique, Molly Suzanne, has 50% off clearance with code CM50 or 25% off your purchase with code CM25.

Here are some things that I've bought, have or love. I'm doing a little shopping for myself using some gift cards up from my birthday!

Happy Shopping!
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